A to Z Blogging Challenge

2016 A to Z Challenge – A review

Well, we made it.  We came in a little late, but we crossed the finish line.  As usual things didn't go as planned.  My hope was to have posts written ahead of time and scheduled, but instead I was playing catch up all month.  But none the less I had fun exploring my mind, my… Continue reading 2016 A to Z Challenge – A review

A to Z Blogging Challenge, The Coffeehouse

Z is for Zine (The Coffeehouse)

We FINALLY made it to the last post of the A to Z Challenge and only 13 days late.  When I started this challenge, I had planned on making a Coffeehouse Zine.  Printed at home and distributed at cost.  The more I brainstormed this project, the more I wanted it to become something bigger.  I… Continue reading Z is for Zine (The Coffeehouse)

A to Z Blogging Challenge, Marketing

V is for Vendor

With a book now published, I would like to attempt to get my name out there.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I need to start focusing on marketing techniques and strategies.  One of the strategies I would love to try is getting involved as vendor at events.  I want to be… Continue reading V is for Vendor