Malcolm Stone Series

Five and a half years ago I started out on a journey.  I decided to attempt to fulfill a childhood dream, I always dreamed of writing books. When I started writing I never would have guessed I would have created such a memorable character as Malcolm Stone.

The Malcolm Stone series is planned to be a three-part series with room for further growth. Malcolm recalls his life after his wife’s death. Follow him through life’s ups and downs, through his personal growth and emotional pitfalls.

Malcolm is youngest son of Preston Stone, the largest liquor importer on the east coast since the prohibition. His family’s affluence has afforded him the opportunity to follow his passion of being a pianist. He married a successful local artist Anabelle Connolly.

They appeared to have the perfect life, but it had turned sour. After Anabelle’s death, the truth of their marriage can no longer be hidden. Years of Malcolm’s carefully constructed lies start unraveling at his feet. Will he be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life?

Dissonance explores and exposes a violent relationship, infidelity, substance abuse, depression, and lies.

Read a sample of the first draft of Dissonance.

Read a sample of a spin off story based on a secondary character in Reverie


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