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Z is for Zine (The Coffeehouse)

We FINALLY made it to the last post of the A to Z Challenge and only 13 days late.  When I started this challenge, I had planned on making a Coffeehouse Zine.  Printed at home and distributed at cost.  The more I brainstormed this project, the more I wanted it to become something bigger.  I… Continue reading Z is for Zine (The Coffeehouse)

A to Z Blogging Challenge, Goals, The Coffeehouse

N is for New Adventures

This is a time for new adventures.  I am ready to explore new places and new ideas.  I think this summer we might have to revive our old weekend drive routine we had when we lived in Florida.  We would get in the car and drive in a direction until we found something we wanted… Continue reading N is for New Adventures