The Writer

Seasons of change with a side cognitive dissonance

It’s 9 am.  I’m sitting at my kitchen table enjoying what I thought was my third cup of coffee (my near empty coffee pot tells me I’ve miss counted), telling the boys that the trash truck is outside.  While watching the fascination on two sweet little faces, I glance around the house wondering how it… Continue reading Seasons of change with a side cognitive dissonance

The Writer

New ideas

Recently, two new fabulous ideas came to me while showering. I know, you are thinking big deal, a lot of writers have shower epiphanies. Well, I admit it... I am not a shower thinker. I'm a "get it and get out" kind of person. Typically, my shower consists of trying to beat the clock... one… Continue reading New ideas

Getting to know the author, The Writer

The hobby writer

I love hobbyists. I enjoy going to street festivals and looking at all the vendor booths. The wood crafts, paintings, sketches, knitted gloves and hats, crocheted afghans, paper crafts, jewelry… all of it. Some of these people engage in their craft full-time, but many it’s just a hobby they make money on seasonally. These people… Continue reading The hobby writer