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I’m back

It's been a while since I have dedicate any time to my creative ventures. A lot has changed in the last few months including the birth of my adorable son.  I will go into detail about some of the changes and what they mean for my writing at a later time.    Right now, I… Continue reading I’m back

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Time for a jump start

I thought yesterday would never come... the last day of courses for at least two terms (otherwise known a 17 weeks).  Now, I can finally have a little bit of free time - for the next month and a half (assuming I don't sleep it away). I have big goals before the little one arrives… Continue reading Time for a jump start

The Writer

Time to buckle down and get serious

For years, I have struggled with the concept of making a schedule for writing.  I've held onto the belief that I could not force myself to be creative on certain days and that I would write when I felt the creative urge.  That all worked fine... for a while.  But now, with a busy schedule… Continue reading Time to buckle down and get serious