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The Sun Rises

This past December, I quietly published The Sun Rises: Using Nature as a Foundation for  Happy Living, my first non-fiction book.  The idea came to me after several people had commented on how inspiring my photos and messages were.  So, I decided to make a photo book of inspiration.

At first, the it seemed impossible to write.  I picked out images I liked, enjoyed, or found inspiring myself, but I just couldn’t come up with anything to say about those images that didn’t seem ridiculous.  To conquer this writing problem, I started writing in journal style why I wanted to write the book and what was holding me back.  I discovered my biggest issue was I didn’t feel inspiring or knowledgeable enough to write the book.

After that realization, I decided to change the premise of the book and make it about what I do maintain my positive attitude including meditations, thought exercises, my inner thoughts and photography.  Once I got over my fears, by rethinking the project and making it manageable, it became a very enjoyable book to write.  I wrote most of the book in journal form while I was outside daydreaming. I am looking forward to writing my next short non-fiction this year.  I’m still in the brainstorming the theme for the next book, but I will start working on it soon.

Please check out the video Zee Southcombe posted on YouTube about the book (below) and her posts.  The Sun Rises is currently only available in print, I hope to have a digital version available by late spring.  You can purchase a The Sun Rises from Amazon for $13.00  or on the Store page on this website for $12.00.



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V is for Vendor

With a book now published, I would like to attempt to get my name out there.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I need to start focusing on marketing techniques and strategies.  One of the strategies I would love to try is getting involved as vendor at events.  I want to be able to get out there and talk to people about writing and about my books; published and upcoming.

Unfortunately, I am having difficulty locating any local events(Central Indiana), that include authors in their markets.  It almost seems like the people running the community markets or artist markets don’t include authors as artists.  They are after handmade crafts only.  I have sent a few emails out to the event organizers of my local community  asking about participating in upcoming events and I haven’t received a single response.  I am starting to think this idea may have to wait until we relocate, but I am not giving up yet.  I am still searching for events that take authors and have affordable booth fees.

I am considering participating in Imaginarium 2016 in Louisville, KY.  I have to reach out to my contact with the organization and get more information.  But at the rate its looking now that might be my only event this year as a vendor, but I’m still looking.  Hopefully, in a few weeks I’ll have found some events to participate in.

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M is for Marketing

Originally, I was going to post about me time, but by now we all know that I am going to be spending the next few weeks working on me by dedicating time to engage in the activities I like.  A little bit of “me” time is necessary for my mental health, I feel much less drained and more energetic after I spent time doing the things I enjoy.

So I’m shifting this post to marketing.  This is something that I need to focus on.  I have to work on the mental shift from an unpublished writer to a published one.  I understand the basics of marketing, but with a limited budget and an unknown name I have to be selective on how I market.

At the apex of my “brand” is my presence and approachability.  So, that means I need to become consistent with posting and social media presence.  The biggest issue I have is obscurity.  The sheer amount of books published a year makes it hard for anyone to become a household name.  While my ambitions aren’t that high, I still want to have a regular following.  I hope that building my fan base will help sell books, it’s not my main goal.  My goal is show people the excitement and joy of following your dreams, no matter how out of reach they seem.

Other than building my presence, I know I need to write more.  This has been a struggle for me as I have yet to find that mystical balance (more on this when I finally get to the U post).  As I said in the last post I will be working on finding a routine that can be sustained once my classes start again.  I am working on multiple projects that I think are fascinating (new books, a quarterly magazine, and a couple non-fiction ventures on my journey to finding a happiness).  This will not only fulfill my want to follow my dreams, but it also get more published items available my readers/fans.

Like many other new authors, I have an issue of reviews.  Part of my marketing plan is to recruit book bloggers to read and hopefully review Dissonance, which is available through the Kindle Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited (see what I did there).  To be honest, I’m not sure where to even start, obviously a quick Google search will render some book bloggers for me to contact.

But for the time, my focus will be on growing my presence and writing.

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