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V is for Vendor

With a book now published, I would like to attempt to get my name out there.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I need to start focusing on marketing techniques and strategies.  One of the strategies I would love to try is getting involved as vendor at events.  I want to be able to get out there and talk to people about writing and about my books; published and upcoming.

Unfortunately, I am having difficulty locating any local events(Central Indiana), that include authors in their markets.  It almost seems like the people running the community markets or artist markets don’t include authors as artists.  They are after handmade crafts only.  I have sent a few emails out to the event organizers of my local community  asking about participating in upcoming events and I haven’t received a single response.  I am starting to think this idea may have to wait until we relocate, but I am not giving up yet.  I am still searching for events that take authors and have affordable booth fees.

I am considering participating in Imaginarium 2016 in Louisville, KY.  I have to reach out to my contact with the organization and get more information.  But at the rate its looking now that might be my only event this year as a vendor, but I’m still looking.  Hopefully, in a few weeks I’ll have found some events to participate in.

Join me for the next post W for Wanderlust


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