A to Z Blogging Challenge, The Coffeehouse

Z is for Zine (The Coffeehouse)

We FINALLY made it to the last post of the A to Z Challenge and only 13 days late. 

When I started this challenge, I had planned on making a Coffeehouse Zine.  Printed at home and distributed at cost.  The more I brainstormed this project, the more I wanted it to become something bigger.  I like to think of myself as a big picture person (whether that’s true or not is debatable).  I’m not sure where along the way I wanted to be an editor of a magazine, but apparently somewhere along this writing journey it became a thing.  So, here I am trying to develop this magazine and with the help of my co-editor Zee, we are getting there.

We are still several articles short for our July printing.  This project will grow over the course of time and printings, but I am surprised at how few articles we have gotten on people’s personal experience and even applauding another’s work (especially given how many people blog about their writing experience).  I think at times we focus too much on the competition aspect of having a writing business and trying to get our work in the hands of readers, we forget the encouragement we can provide other people.  While the creative works we have received are overall good quality, what I envision for The Coffeehouse is a magazine that inspires others to write or create art; be it through creative works or through essay type narratives.  So, watch this space for details about what kind of submissions we need for the inaugural printing of The Coffeehouse.  

[At this moment we are in need of personal stories and experiences]

Luckily, since I am the big picture type individual, that also means I won’t give up easily.  If the first issue isn’t quite what we envision, then it’s back to the drawing board to brainstorm new ideas on how to create the inspiration we are looking for.  Eventually, this magazine will be a success.

You may be asking yourself, why I would want to put in so much work to develop a writing/creative magazine when there are already several out on the market and I have novels that beg to be written.  That answer is extremely simple.  I like to help people achieve their goals (life coach certifications may be in my future).  When I started out writing, I had no clue what I was doing.  I started as most people by trying to find stories about others going through the same types of situations, and I found the inspiration and encouragement lacking.  In mainstream magazines I found an elitist attitude that was discouraging as a beginner.  After a few years of social networking and writing, I find that I am in a position of influence (albeit among a small group of people) and I want to use that experience to help others; whether beginners or seasoned professionals, we all have something to learn from one another and you never know what might inspire someone to achieve greatness.


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