Writer's Coffeehouse
Writers’ Coffeehouse

January 2014, I created a group for writers to ask questions and encourage each other on their own goals, projects and ambitions.  There is only one rule, no links.  Our community is not one for promoting links to your own work, but instead for support, discussion, and friendship.  Writers talk about their favorite parts of writing, ask questions about marketing, or just converse about their weekend plans.  Today we are over 200 members strong.  We have writers of all levels from traditionally published, self-published, and aspiring authors.  Some have been writing for years, while others have just started on the writing adventure.

This year we have expanded our community to include weekly writing prompts and word sprints.  We hope to have the community continue to grow and expand.  If you would like to be part of our warm and welcoming writer’s group please visit the Writers’ Coffeehouse on Google+.

If you’d like to participate in our weekly writing prompts, you can sign up below to receive the weekly prompts in your email.  If you decide to participate in the writing prompts and post your works please tag them with #CoffeehousePrompt

Prompt #1:  A Blank Page

Prompt #2:  Go to a dating site or professional networking site (like LinkedIn), pick a profile and create a character based on it.  Then if you feel adventurous, write a story or a scene involving this newly created character.

Prompt #3:  A dense forest

Prompt #4:  The perfect place (or for a blog prompt:  The Perfect Writing Place)

Prompt #5:  A young girl in tattered clothing

Prompt #6:  What have you learned (or found) during the course of writing?

Prompt #7:  The sky turned purple

Prompt #8:  He awoke unsure of his surroundings

Prompt #9:  Fears: place yourself /character facing a fear and the outcomes. How you / they handle the situation?

Prompt #10:  A field of flowers

Prompt #11:  A struggle (real or imagined)

To sign up for the weekly writing prompt emails:


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