The Writer

The writer who doesn’t write

It has been quite sometime since I have spent any serious time writing. The last few years have been spent writing academic papers, but I have hardly spent any time writing fiction or even journaling for that matter. Now I am officially done with school and studying for the foreseeable future, but I still haven't… Continue reading The writer who doesn’t write

Becoming a Writer, The Coffeehouse


I've been quiet... but there is no use in apologizing because we all know that sometimes life has other plans for us. I'm sure there will be many more moments of silence along this writing journey. Thankfully, the class that was consuming all my time during the last two months is over. I somehow managed… Continue reading #CoffeehouseTalks

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Writers’ Coffeehouse – Community

Online writing communities seem to be a tricky thing.  It seems when the community is small discussion and friendships develop, but once it hits a certain number of members it seems to fill with self-promotion and the discussion seems to disappear.  Or at least that how I have been feeling about the Google+ communities I… Continue reading Writers’ Coffeehouse – Community