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Time for a jump start

I thought yesterday would never come... the last day of courses for at least two terms (otherwise known a 17 weeks).  Now, I can finally have a little bit of free time - for the next month and a half (assuming I don't sleep it away). I have big goals before the little one arrives… Continue reading Time for a jump start

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Frustrations and lessons hard learned

I am not prone to writing complaining and whining post.  I enjoy what  I do, but that isn't to say I don't get frustrated and annoyed.  Right now happens to be one of those times, which is one reason we missed this week's Becoming a Writer post. A week and a half ago, I managed… Continue reading Frustrations and lessons hard learned

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R is for Reverie

Or I should say it's for a colossal pain in the rear (but I'll get to that in a moment). Reverie is the second book in the Malcolm Stone series.  It's actually where the series started.  I started writing Reverie in 2009 (maybe 2008) and finally finished the draft in 2013.  This book is where… Continue reading R is for Reverie