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The Sun Rises

This past December, I quietly published The Sun Rises: Using Nature as a Foundation for  Happy Living, my first non-fiction book.  The idea came to me after several people had commented on how inspiring my photos and messages were.  So, I decided to make a photo book of inspiration. At first, the it seemed impossible… Continue reading The Sun Rises

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O is for Outdoors

As you can tell from my last post, I'm excited about the weather warming.  I spend a great deal of time outside during the late spring and summer.  I tend to take a lot of photos and visit several parks.  I enjoy spending time day dreaming and looking up at the clouds.  You will not… Continue reading O is for Outdoors


A picture says thousand words…

As part of the the ThinkKit December daily blogging challenge, I am posting my year in photos. This year, I think I took more photos than normal, which is fantastic.  One of my standing New Year's resolutions is to take more photos.  I typically take photos of nature or things that make me smile or… Continue reading A picture says thousand words…