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The Sun Rises

This past December, I quietly published The Sun Rises: Using Nature as a Foundation for  Happy Living, my first non-fiction book.  The idea came to me after several people had commented on how inspiring my photos and messages were.  So, I decided to make a photo book of inspiration.

At first, the it seemed impossible to write.  I picked out images I liked, enjoyed, or found inspiring myself, but I just couldn’t come up with anything to say about those images that didn’t seem ridiculous.  To conquer this writing problem, I started writing in journal style why I wanted to write the book and what was holding me back.  I discovered my biggest issue was I didn’t feel inspiring or knowledgeable enough to write the book.

After that realization, I decided to change the premise of the book and make it about what I do maintain my positive attitude including meditations, thought exercises, my inner thoughts and photography.  Once I got over my fears, by rethinking the project and making it manageable, it became a very enjoyable book to write.  I wrote most of the book in journal form while I was outside daydreaming. I am looking forward to writing my next short non-fiction this year.  I’m still in the brainstorming the theme for the next book, but I will start working on it soon.

Please check out the video Zee Southcombe posted on YouTube about the book (below) and her posts.  The Sun Rises is currently only available in print, I hope to have a digital version available by late spring.  You can purchase a The Sun Rises from Amazon for $13.00  or on the Store page on this website for $12.00.



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O is for Outdoors

As you can tell from my last post, I’m excited about the weather warming.  I spend a great deal of time outside during the late spring and summer.  I tend to take a lot of photos and visit several parks.  I enjoy spending time day dreaming and looking up at the clouds.  You will not a lot of pictures in the past year focus around the sun rising or shining through the clouds.  I’m so thrilled to be able to spend time outside again with out freezing (I handle cold like an old man).

As I said in my last post, I am going to attempt to visit the majority of state owned parks, reserves and recreation areas this year.  Though it seems like a daunting task after a little research it does not seem that bad as several of the nature preserves are part of or very close to state parks.

This is the time of year that my Instagram will start getting a lot of posts as I like to spend my lunches and early evening time outside.  I enjoy taking photos of landscape shots, typically every day sites that we tend to overlook in our busy hustle and bustle we get caught up in.

Being outdoors makes me smile more and gives me inspiration to write.  Something about a fresh spring breeze or the delicateness of a bloom that gives me story ideas.  So look for a lot of new photos (which might be incorporated into the new project I talked about), and more writing in the upcoming months!

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A picture says thousand words…

As part of the the ThinkKit December daily blogging challenge, I am posting my year in photos.

This year, I think I took more photos than normal, which is fantastic.  One of my standing New Year’s resolutions is to take more photos.  I typically take photos of nature or things that make me smile or make me happy in some way.  Since I took more photos this year, I would like to conclude that this has been my happiest year yet, despite some set backs I have experienced, this has been a spectacular year!