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Time for a jump start

I thought yesterday would never come... the last day of courses for at least two terms (otherwise known a 17 weeks).  Now, I can finally have a little bit of free time - for the next month and a half (assuming I don't sleep it away). I have big goals before the little one arrives… Continue reading Time for a jump start

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Multi-tasking in writing?

I have the horrendous habit of starting a new project before finishing the last.  I love starting projects, but something (probably a new project) distracts my attention.   I have a half-finished knitted scarf, a bunch of beads I was going to make jewelry with, material I planned on making a skirt out of, blogs some… Continue reading Multi-tasking in writing?

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What to do with the characters….

I am sure all of us writers have this problem.  We are constantly creating characters to interact with the our main character, our protagonist as the technical ones would say.  What happens when we create this amazing character who plays a tertiary role?  Do we just forget about them when their minor role is completed? … Continue reading What to do with the characters….