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Being proud of who you are


Last week during my standard outdoor lunch break, I posted a quick message on Instagram saying “be proud of who you are and let it come out in everything you do.” Little did I realize some would consider it inspiring.

As you know by now, I spend a lot of my lunch breaks outside relaxing, reading, or doing a bit of introspection.  That day happened to be an introspection kind of day.  I was going through the three note books I carry with me, on a near daily basis, and was looking at all the outlandish and somewhat large in scope creative and business ideas that I had drafted.  My thought was “Who do I think I am believing I can achieve these lofty goals?”  The ideas I had on paper were ideas that people who make an impact on people come up with, not just some office worker and part-time writer.

But as I sat there going over my plans, and some of them are very detailed plans, I thought…why can’t I do these things?  After all, I had come up with the ideas and started building plans, why couldn’t I follow through on them?  I got to realizing, the person I truly am is that creative, entrepreneurial person that wrote those plans.  I came to acknowledge that I am creative and entrepreneurial when I’m relaxed and following the path that makes me happy.  So, I have started doing research to figure out how to take those plans and drafts and turn them into reality.

This realization made me aware of how easily we lose ourselves in expectations of others and even what we think we should be.  Once we shed those expectations we can become who we are and be more fulfilled in this life.  So just remember, be proud of who you are and let your true nature come out in everything you do.

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Making Progress

I am making slow, yet steady progress back into a writing habit.  I can honestly say that I hadn’t entirely given up my writing practice.  During my break, I did still write an occasional journal entry and too many college papers.  However, the goal is getting back to writing for fun and publication.

So, during the past week, I decided to make a few little changes to my daily routine.  I had been spending my lunch hours reading or relaxing.  Now, I have started using my lunch hours not only to relax, but to write and brainstorm.  So far, my lunch sessions have been fairly successful.

The first day I focused on writing, I finally solved the mystery of who killed Malcolm’s wife Anabelle.  I know the who did it, how it happened, and why she was killed.  The only problem that remains is how does Malcolm find out…

I have also discovered or rather re-discovered that when coming back from a break and not knowing where to start, it’s best to have a pad of paper and a pen handy.  Handwriting my ideas allows for less distractions than typing and a slower process that allows my thoughts to fully form as I’m writing.

Yesterday, for the first time in quite some time, I actually sat down and wrote something that will eventually be for publication.  I started working on the introduction to my next non-fiction book.  I have not decided if it will be another photo book or not, but the working title is Finding Peace in a Time of Change.  I am not anticipating it to be ready until the end of the year at the earliest, but more than likely beginning of next year.  I also started a scene featuring Malcolm Stone, yes, I’m slowly making my way back to the series.

It’s interesting to me, how each project we learn to write all over again at times rediscovering an already known remedy to problems or finding a different way to do something.  Perhaps, that is what draws me towards writing – each adventure is different, yet the same.


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Little steps

Sometimes, it’s difficult to jump back into an activity after a long break.  Writing seems to be one of those activities for me.  To be honest, I have never really been one of those people with a dedicated schedule to spend time writing.  But this year, with all the changes on the horizon, I feel my lackadaisical approach to writing also needs to change.

But let’s not put the cart before the horse.  First, I need to get back into writing mode before I can take my craft a bit more serious.  I have tried sitting down with my word document open and tried to write.  Nothing happened.  Not even one word was put on the page.  This made me realize I can not just jump in head first.  So, I have started doing small things to revive my creativity.

To start, I cleaned and organized my writing space.  It had become a catch all location over the last few months, collecting everything from tax documents, bills, school work, to hair clippers.  I took a day and reclaimed the workspace for creative projects and nothing else.

Essentially, I am going back to the basics.  Revisiting what my motivation and inspiration was to originally start writing.  So to start, I have been reading fiction again for leisure and I switched my music selection from meditation music back to piano music.  It’s helping a bit, afterall, I am back to blogging.  But, I haven’t sat down to write any fiction, yet.  

I am not pushing myself.  I know I have a lot going on in my life and in my mind, so right now, I am happy taking these baby steps back into writing.

Each day is a new day to take one more step back into writing.