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I’ve been quiet… but there is no use in apologizing because we all know that sometimes life has other plans for us. I’m sure there will be many more moments of silence along this writing journey.

Thankfully, the class that was consuming all my time during the last two months is over. I somehow managed to do well despite being constantly behind on assignments. I still have one class left before my degree is done, but so far it has not been too difficult.

Somehow, it’s the end of March, and my son is nearly 7 months old already (2 more days). So, that means I have a little bit more freedom.

With that freedom, I have been planning projects; some old and some new. I have been reviving the old G+ writing community as well as attempting to rebuild it on Facebook. Neither have been taking off well, but they are both slowly building momentum. One thing I am known for is persistence. I will keep throwing ideas out into the abyss until something makes a wave.

One of these new ideas is the #CoffeehouseTalks. These chats will occur weekly on both my Facebook and Google+ communities about some aspect of being a writer.

I had planned to launch the chats during March, but I chickened out. I was afraid no one would participate and that I, a person with only two published books which made very little sales in 2017, was not qualified to run these talks. But, I realize that I am as qualified or maybe even more qualified than best selling author to run these talks, why because I wish to help others and encourage more people to follow their dreams. Even though I may not be an authority on the subject, I do have a thirst for knowledge and a want to share it.

So, I have decided to push forward. The very first #CoffeehouseTalks will occur on Monday April 2, 2018 at 3:00 pm Central timezone (8:00 pm GMT). Our very first topic will be on Brainstorming. We will be discussing different techinques, how to use brainstorming to come up with ideas, develop storylines, and to get unstuck. Hopefully, you can join our conversation.


4 thoughts on “#CoffeehouseTalks”

  1. I agree with you said at the end there – you are definitely qualified. If I can be real for a minute – I’m so, so, SO tired of hearing advice from already super-successful people. I feel like I have learned best from people who are still building their success. And I have only got one book under my belt (which is by no means a bestseller either). I think it’s good to say that, as writers, we are never under-qualified to help each other grow and become better writers! I love your idea – happy writing and thanks for sharing!

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