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I’m back (hopefully for good this time)

As some of you noticed, I went missing last year around August.  What started out as a little time off from social media, writing, and sole searching turned into a hiatus from writing and getting stuck in a rut.  My absence started out as an innocent needing to distance myself from being online all the time and the negative attitudes one can come across.  Then it turned into a little soul searching and writing time.

Then winter came, and my motivation always seems to slump with the cooler weather.  This year combined with the loss of a pet, the blues hit me pretty hard.  Though, right before Christmas my husband and I got great new that we were expecting our first child in August.  So those winter blues turned into early pregnancy exhaustion.

Now that I am finding some energy, my creative motivation is starting to return as well.  I am taking small steps in attempt to get back into some sort of a writing routine.  So, look forward to reading about those steps in my upcoming (much more regular) blog posts.

For those of you who are relatively new here, I typically post once or twice weekly about my writing journey.  I try to be extremely forthcoming about my struggles and my successes.  I look forward to bringing you all on my next set of adventures.

This morning’s beautiful view with rays of hope and happiness.


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