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Have I lost my mind? Yes, yes I have

In the past month, I have started so many posts only to abandon them after the first paragraph.  It has been one of those rare events when I have been unable to translate my thoughts into words.  Or at least words that are worth reading.  It’s nearly as if once I start writing the ideas dry up and leave me with nothing to say.  And I feel like I have plenty to say, just no words to express my ideas.  I know it all sounds just plain crazy, which is why I opened this post by saying I have lost my mind.  Well that and for obvious other reasons.

So, as always, I’m way behind schedule.  I was hoping to have The Sun Rises published already, but it’s still sitting in the same form it was when I last spoke of it.  I have edits to make and formatting to change.  It’s just a matter of taking time to complete the project and stop procrastinating.  The new goal is to complete this book and all its glorious formatting issues by the end of the month so it will be available prior to Christmas.

While I haven’t been doing too much writing lately, I have been doing my fair share of planning and thinking.  The problem with thinking is you come up with marvelous ideas.  I feel like my plate is already pretty full with The Sun Rises, Reverie, school papers, and work, but I am now spending a time planning two new projects.  Some days, I wonder if I am too optimistic about how much I can get done, then I realize it’s all about steps towards goals and organization. [If you know me well, you know that last part is a hard task for me].

I realized early in the year, I was having a much easier time accomplishing my tasks and making time for me.  I was planning, tracking, and keeping an extremely loose schedule.  So, I have gone back to using my calendar and even ordered a new one that will help me track my progress a bit better.  I’ll let you know more about it once it arrives in the mail.

So you might be asking, why I am, a person who prides herself on her adaptability, worrying so much about getting organized?  Well, my current class right now is on general management principles following the planning, organizing, leading and controlling (P-O-L-C) framework.  Not to bore you with the academia side of this, we have been talking a lot about goals, objectives, missions, values, and leadership qualities.  I have been taking those business ideas and theories and applying them to what I want to do with life.

Combine the academia stuff with writing The Sun Rises and all the thinking I have been doing, and I came up with a wonderful new project.  I am working on developing a customer focused (individualized) mentoring, coaching, project management, and/or self-discovery program that I hope to be able to roll out first quarter next year.  This program will initially be geared towards writers (budget friendly) and eventually spread to others.  Right now, I have at least one interested person to help me beta-test this project, but I’ll keep all of you up to date with the progress we make.  I’m really enjoying researching for this project.

My other new project is I have agreed to become a contributor for a new website mytrendingstories.com  I am not sure if or how this will help grow my readership, but I thought – why not at least try writing some articles?  The only thing wasted (if it doesn’t work out) is my time.  But that’s not really wasted because it will be developing my skills.  In addition, you never know when a new opportunity could become the best decision you’ve made, unless you give it a try.  So, look forward to seeing some articles posted there pop up on my social media feeds.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took last Monday walking through Cool Creek Park.  Enjoy your days and take time out for yourself.



5 thoughts on “Have I lost my mind? Yes, yes I have”

  1. So far I haven’t had the problem of getting my ideas down. My problems comes before and after that point. So many of my so-called ideas fall so short of what I think is worth pursuing. The rare times I come up with an idea that could pan out into something worthwhile, I get to engrossed with it, no other ideas can get through. This can make some days exceedingly boring.

    I know you can get that editing, Amanda.

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  2. Enjoyed your post, Amanda. Love the photograph. It really invites me right in to walk there.
    I have no problem with ideas and no problem finding words to express them. Where my problems arise just now is finding the energy and enough pain free minutes to write the ideas down. I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo this month and am loving it, but all the writing is exacerbating the pain. I think I’ll go crazy if I have to give up writing. I have so many stories still to tell. Know any good voice recognition packages?

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