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Becoming a Writer – Creating Inspiration


The last month has been all about inspiration.  It is one of the elements my life coach and I have been exploring, so it is no surprise to me that this topic has made it into the Becoming a Writer series.

Any of you who have been reading this blog for any amount of time know that I’m not the “butt in seat” type of writer.  I write when I am motivated and inspired to write.  It is a dangerous way to write, but for me it works… most of the time.  The inherent problem with writing when you are inspired is occasionally you are unmotivated and uninspired, and thus no writing gets done.  Sometimes, I’m content with not writing.  After all, we all need a vacation.  Though sometimes, I wish, I was one of those people that worked well with a schedule, but I haven’t found a way to make deadlines and schedules work for me, yet.  So instead, when I am stuck, unmotivated, and uninspired – but wanting to be back from my break, I create my own inspiration.

Creating inspiration isn’t as difficult as it sounds.  For me the first step was finding out what inspires me and then discovering how I feel when I am inspired.  Different things inspire each of us and it feels different for me than it will for you. For me feeling inspired is a sense of liberation and freedom combined with happiness, calm feelings, and warm energy.  When I am inspired, everything I do is effortless, a smile is on my face, and my chest feels light and open.  I like to think it’s something like flying would feel. It’s a wonderful feeling; one I would love to have in my daily life.

The trick is to find what cultivates those feelings.  I have discovered there are several things that cause me to feel at least part of those sensations.  Nature is my number one cultivator of inspiration.  Just sitting outside listening and feeling lends a warm calmness to me.  That peaceful relaxation is essential for me. Often times, when I  get stuck a simple walk outside [preferably in a wooded area] will simultaneously relax and energize my creative energy.

Listening to music [the genre changes depending on what I hope to accomplish] has a similar motivating effect.  As does talking to [or reading about] other creative people about their projects, specifically taking to Zee tends to get me energized, motivated, and inspired.  And strangely enough, I have found trying something outside my comfort zone (area of expertise) helps as well.  One example, I have recently taken up painting and drawing – I’m not good at either, but I enjoy doing them both.

[Having a clean house doesn’t hurt either!  Something about having all the dishes and laundry done makes me have less distractions.]

It’s interesting to me, that when I feel inspired, I always want to create.  The creation is not the same – some days I want to write, others paint or draw, and yet other days I want to take photographs.  But I when I feel those sensations I have labeled as feeling inspired… I always want to do something creative. [Now, if I could just find a way to feel inspired to go to the gym!]

For the next week, I challenge you to try discover what inspires you and the pay attention to how it makes you feel.  Once you have discovered those feelings, attempt to feel them everyday.




3 thoughts on “Becoming a Writer – Creating Inspiration”

  1. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    I agree with the housework thing. That’s one reason I need to leave the house sometimes. Knowing there’s a pile of laundry is a huge hindrance to my creativity.

    Here’s to creating more inspiration *clink*

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  2. I say I’m the “butt in the seat” type writer, but your post has me wondering if that’s really true. There are days when the struggle is just too much and I quit before 100 words are put down. I’ve tried scheduling my writing sessions. Invariably, something happens so I must move that schedule around. There are things I do to get the inspiration moving within me too. Thoroughly cleaning a room will do it. The combination of quiet and opening up the window for fresh air will do it, as well.

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  3. Lovely post, Amanda.
    For me, it’s walking round my garden. It would be, and sometimes is, walking anywhere, but most days I’m restricted to my garden because there is no one available to take me for a ‘proper’ walk. I have balance and mobility problems that dictate I need a companion. In the garden, I take my chances, knowing I can get home quickly if it all starts going wrong for me.
    I call it my thankfulness walk, but it is also my inspiration walk because invariably it gets the creativity flowing. I walk round our little garden two or three times before starting to write and whenever my creativity needs a boost.

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