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Saturday Spotlight


As an independent / self-published author, I know how hard it is to connect with (or even find) your audience without spending your entire savings (if of course you are lucky enough to have one).  As a part of my new business plan, I want to help and inspire people (this will probably become a topic of the Becoming a Writer series).

Lately, I have been trying to develop three words that describe my brand. (Thanks Z.R. Southcombe for the idea!)  I have settled on Create, Inspire, and Assist.  The best way I can think of to help other writers (and other creatives), besides beta reading and encouraging them to start and continue their journeys, is to feature them on my blog once a week.

The Spotlight articles can be anything. Some of the ideas I envision are guest posts, the creative  talking about their work, showcasing artworks, adding links to music, interviews, and everything in between.  I am looking forward to how this idea will evolve over time.  You don’t have to be a published, just someone who is creating.

If you are interested in participating in the Saturday Spotlight posts email me with the subject Saturday Spotlight (something similar) at

Look forward to learning about you and featuring you here on this blog!



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