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Two weeks ago, I gave you an update on my projects.  To be 100% honest, I haven’t worked on any of them at all since.  Today, during some down time at a meeting, I spent the time outlining some new and old projects.  I started putting together a time table on production of The Coffeehouse, I am hoping to get in touch with everyone who has submitted works by early next week with approvals or rejections, and start working on the overall layout and the order submissions will appear.

I wrote out another high level outline for Reverie to remind me what still needs written.  I’m a lot closer to being done with this first draft than I had thought.  It’s still a lot of words and pages, but I am nearly at the apex of the story and I know the major scenes that need to be written.

I also had an idea about the next story after the Malcolm Stone books.  This is the first time I’ve had an idea of what to do next, fiction wise. It is a very rough idea that will need some serious fleshing out, but might be the next major fiction project I work on.

I have also given a bit more thought to my self-discovery photo project.  I outlined it well, but I have some rough ideas and picked an image for the cover art.  It is still title-less, but I believe the book will start out as a journal and pocket book.

Starting this Wednesday, I am going to writing a blog series titled “Becoming a Writer”.  This will be a weekly post that tells my [and others’] journey to becoming a writer.  It will feature posts on building self-confidence, sharing your work, asking for feedback, mistakes made, balancing writing into a schedule, and other posts on the real life of writers.  I hope you will join me for the first post where I will discuss why I decided to become a writer.  See you on Wednesday!


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