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Updates, events, and new projects

May proved to be an interesting month.  I got back to writing, read a book (for fun), started doodling, and booked my very first event as a vendor.

Let’s start with the most important topic.  I started working on Reverie (book 2 in the Malcolm Stone series) again.  I am approximately at the half way point with this first draft.  I took the last week and a half off from writing, mainly to let some ideas percolate, but I think I know where I am headed with the story and will start back up with writing very soon.

I have started something a bit different with this draft than I have in the past.  I know I’ve talked about this “new” writing style in one of my other posts, but essentially instead of getting blocked, I have just been writing exactly what I want.  Whether the scene involves Malcolm or not, even the scenes that don’t involve him can be weaved back into the story by basing reactions off those cut scenes or even help me understand how the characters are feeling.  Eventually, these scenes may make their way onto this blog or in a companion book to the Malcolm Stone series.

I have also started working on two new writing projects, completely unrelated to the Malcolm Stone series.  These two projects land in a realm closer to non-fiction and self-exploration (self-help) than the fiction I typically write.  One of the projects I have slated for a summer release (which is one of the reasons I took a break from Reverie), but it is still a work in progress and I am making slow but steady progress on it.  I’ll give you more information on this project as it develops, but right now it will feature several of my photographs.

As I said in my C is for Creativity post, I was going to start working on other creative projects to attempt to get the artistic side of my brain flowing again.  Last week, I started doodling.  I have extremely little experience in doodling.  Even my notebooks in school where relatively barren of doodles.  I never considered myself to have much artistic talent and never took the time to stretch and develop that creative muscle.  I had a blast doodling and even went a little Dr. Seuss -ian in some of my doodles.  This week I plant to get back at the doodling, though I think I’ll use a bit bigger paper than the 4×6 stock I was using last week.  Here are the ones I drew last week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And last but not least, I finally booked myself a vendor table at Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, Kentucky October 7-9.  I had been debating whether I wanted to book a table at the convention for quite some time.  So, I Facebook messaged Kylie Jude about it one morning not expecting to hear back from her until the evening.  I was sitting in my usual place during lunch and was doing a quick meditation in the sunlight.  I was thinking I was ready to make a difference and essentially asked the universe to give me a chance to make a difference.  Within moments of sending that thought out to the world my phone notifies me I have a message.  It was from Kylie about the convention.  I decided to take that as a sign and book my table.  I am hoping to have found a couple small events prior to October, just to get used to having an author table.

The convention is still in it’s infancy stages, as this is just the third year, but based on last year’s schedule of events and this year’s guest speakers, I think this convention is one day going to be big.  The vendor hall is open to the public for free so if you happen to be near Louisville, stop by an say hello!  I will have copies of Dissonance, the first issue of the Coffeehouse Magazine, the self-exploration photo project (Unknown title), and hopefully a release date and ability to pre-order Reverie.  I’ll give you updates as the event gets closer and I have more information.

Oh, I almost forgot, I was also featured in the Westfield Current, a free publication sent to the residents of the town I work in.  You can find that here:

Westfield Police Department employee writes novel


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