A to Z Blogging Challenge, Writing Process

T is for Time

Time, don’t we all wish we had more of it?!  I can’t even begin to count how many times I have said “there just isn’t enough time in the day”.  You’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again, but 90% of the time its a time management and prioritization issue.

At the beginning of the year, I bought a calendar to help me stick to a schedule.  It was working great.. then who knows, but I stopped using it.  I did realize that while time management is a big issue for me, I wasn’t squandering as much time as I thought.

I get up every morning between 5:45 and 6:00 (let’s be realistic here, it probably closer to 6:20 by the time I get out of bed) to get ready for work.  I leave the house at 7:00 and drive a half hour to get to my job.  I work from 7:30-4:00pm, with an hour lunch.  Then drive 30-50 minutes home, depending on the traffic.  So, let’s say on a bad day I get home at 4:50 (actually that might be closer to a typical day).  That leaves me with 5:00-11:00 to get everything done before bed.  In those 6 hours, I have to do the housework, make and eat dinner, do my homework (mainly reading texts), and try to write.

That’s not a whole lot of time and I’m also short changing myself on sleep.  I admit, I do squander a lot of my weekend away by napping (making up for short changing myself all week) and watching TV.  This summer since I’m not taking courses, it has opened a lot of time to me.  Right now I’m not doing much with it.  I’ve just been relaxing and trying to get on schedule.  It’s difficult when you don’t have much energy.  I was starting to wonder if I had a serious heath issue, but after I went back on my vitamins (specifically extra vitamin C and B vitamins), I’m feeling much more energetic and might actually accomplish something once I get off work!

But we all deal with limited time, whether due to a full schedule or bad time management.  There is a lot I want to accomplish during this term off, so I’m going to start prioritizing and making task lists.  It’s all about finding some sort of balance.

I realize it’s now May, but I’m determined to get these posts done. So I apologize in advance for bombarding you with posts over the next couple days.  We will soon return to our regularly scheduled postings.

Join me for the next A to Z Challenge post U is for Unicorn.


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