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R is for Reading

One thing I am looking forward to doing this summer is reading.  It feels like it has been forever since I have had time to sit down and read a book.  In actuality essentially the only thing I have been doing since June 2015 has been reading.  It’s just been text books.

This summer I plan to sit back and enjoy reading what I want to read.  I have already been taking my Kindle to work everyday and trying to read a little bit at work during my lunch break.  Typically in a day I’ll read a chapter, as I’m splitting my time between reading (2 books) and writing on my self-discovery project (which is basically journaling right now).

I will start sharing what I’m reading through Facebook and Twitter and I hope to finish several books on my to read list and find a few new ones too.  Right now I am reading The Authorship Program by Stephanie Lennox, which is book that teaches you how to overcome obstacles to writing and Venice Nights by Leigh K. Hunt, a assassin thriller / complicated love story.  It will probably take me a while to get back into the swing of reading.

For me summer seems the perfect time to get back into my reading habit and get several books read while sitting outside enjoying the warmth from the sunshine.

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4 thoughts on “R is for Reading”

  1. So know the feeling, Amanda. Lately, any reading I do seems to be in order to review a book or help another writer with beta reading or proofreading. It’s not the same as reading for the joy of it. Perhaps summer will be my time for reading too – if I can tear myself away from my writing for long enough to read a whole book.

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