A to Z Blogging Challenge

P is for Present

I am a bad meditation practitioner.  Meditation teach us to be present, in this moment.   I might be able to maintain that for about 20 seconds, then something pops into my head and there I am day dreaming.  But I don’t worry about it, because meditating takes practice.

My biggest issue is worrying about what the future holds that I forgot to live in the moment.  Sometimes I neglect what is happening right now due to the expectation of what will happen weeks, months, or even years down the  road.  Being present is difficult, but those few moments that it happens is wonderful.

I find it easiest to be present when I am in nature.  There is just so much beauty around to ignore. Woodland creatures, rabbits, birds, squirrels all busy carrying on.  The lush green leaves, the sway of the grass in the wind, the rays of sun cutting through the canopy, the brilliance of color on the wild flowers.  It is probably why spring and summer are my favorite seasons.  When I am taking a nature walk, I rarely think about anything other than what is happening around me right then.

Join me for the next A to Z Challenge post, where I venture back into writing and discuss the topic of Quitting.




1 thought on “P is for Present”

  1. Nice post, Amanda. I’m afraid my problem is the reverse. I seem always to live in the present with brief forays back into the past by way of memories that are stirred by someone or something, and forays into the future when I look forward to it immensely.

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