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N is for New Adventures

This is a time for new adventures.  I am ready to explore new places and new ideas.  I think this summer we might have to revive our old weekend drive routine we had when we lived in Florida.  We would get in the car and drive in a direction until we found something we wanted to explore (typically it revolved around find a new little restaurant to try).  The whole thing was to get out of our typical routine and go someplace new.  It was a little day trip.  One day we drove across the state of Florida for no reason walked the beach on the Atlantic side and drove back home.  We might even have to extend this day trips to short weekend getaways to State Parks.  Indiana has 34 State Parks or Recreation areas, 26 Fish and Wildlife areas, 3 Conservation areas, 14 State Forests, and 171 nature preserves (some are parts of state parks) and I would like to visit as many of them as I can in the next year. I guess I ought to go purchase my state park pass now 🙂

Not only do I have plans for new adventures in my everyday life, but I am also preparing for some new adventures in my writing life as well.  I have started collecting contributions for the new quarterly magazine The Coffeehouse [watch this space for a new call out for contributors in the next couple days].  As you already know I’m dedicating the next couple months to finishing the second Malcolm Stone book, which I know several of you are looking forward to.

I am also looking into two non-fiction projects that I’m not sure what form they are going to take.  One project I looking at is a 30 day Zine project and the other is an inspirational photo and personal journey project.  I am really excited to start brainstorming on these project and look forward to sharing them with you in the future.

The next A to Z Challenge post – Outdoors


3 thoughts on “N is for New Adventures”

  1. It’s great to read of all that you are looking forward to, Amanda, and I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures. Make me want to make my own summer plan — something I rarely do is plan. I have a tendency to impulses and randomness! Even in my writing, I tend to be a ‘pantser’ though I’m trying to become more of a planner because I’ve realised it cuts the hard work down when editing and rewriting.
    This is a catch-up day for me, and I seem to be going backwards through your A-Z challenge. Hope you don’t mind.

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