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L is for Laziness

Laziness and I are no strangers, at times I think I might actually be part sloth or at very least a cat that loves sunbathing.  The entire week, I have longed to craw back into my bed right after work, which for the most part, I have!  This tells me two things, I need to get back into a normal sleep pattern and I need to get active.

After classes started last summer, my life balance went out the window.  So, one of the goals for the summer is to get back into a regular routine that can be sustained once classes start again in the fall.  This includes a housekeeping, workouts, and writing schedules.

Laziness, though, doesn’t always have to be bad.  I consider myself a “lazy” writer.  I tend to spend way too much time on first drafts.  In reality, when my first draft is done is more realistically a third draft.  I don’t like the idea of just getting the ideas down on paper.  I like to make sure I have all the major details and the bulk of the story completed.  The idea of going back and ripping my first draft to shreds sounds like way too much work.  So, I take the lazy way out and do that as I write.  This way I only have minor changes and a few scenes to rewrite instead of whole chapters.

Mind you my lazy approach to writing actually doesn’t save me any time and is hard work.  It just shifts the time spend on the book from the end revision stage to the begging drafting stages.

However, my other lazy writing habits of not sticking to a schedule will have to be remedied.  Look for some major changes in my writing schedule in the coming months.


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4 thoughts on “L is for Laziness”

  1. It’s funny you talked about laziness. That was a topic in my A to Z Challenge last year. A year later, I still struggle with it. I think everyone does. We tend to value things more than we should, like sleep. (I know it’s that way with me.) I said to myself that I would develop a regular writing routine, as well as an exercise routine. Neither has happened. I just need to get my butt in gear.

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    1. I was really good with it until about August last year. That’s when about everything went south. I focused more on publishing my book and put of exercise and my body is really feeling it.
      So next week (yay! no more classes for 9 weeks!) I will start working on getting into that routine, I’ve already signed up for a yoga class on Tuesdays.

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      1. Good for you. I think a way to combat laziness is making the decision to do whatever it is that will bring true satisfaction. For me, it’s reading and writing. Everyone’s different. And I think another key is having people hold us accountable. On my Twitter feed, there’s a group that asks how my writing is. It forces me to be honest with them and myself. Some days are good, some are not. But I do get encouragement from others to keep at it.

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  2. Laziness does not exist. It is the perception of the observer which misinterpretes that which it sees and the vibratory incompatibility (or dissonance) of the other which seeks to engage (but at the wrong frequency!) and therefore such observation is flawed and such engagement is doomed to failure! Laziness? Laziness does not exist.


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