A to Z Blogging Challenge, The Writer

J is for Jamison

You would be surprised at how amazingly difficult is has been to write this blog post.  There is so much that I want to say about Jay (Jamison) and the wonderful transition my life took after meeting him 13 years ago. I feel extremely lucky to have met someone as great as he is.  So many people seek for the perfect mate, not realizing they only become perfect once you grow together.

We rarely fight, and when we do it’s typically about something dumb and unimportant.  On that rare occasion when we do fight, it never lasts long; because we know we are on the same team, working towards the same things in life.  We have faced our share of issues, not with each other, but instead the circumstances of our surroundings.  Instead of giving up or getting upset, we look to see how to improve our circumstances and start working towards our dreams.

For Jay, that dream took the form of getting his Doctorate in Occupational Therapy.  Closing in on 40 years old, many people (friends and family) thought it was a crazy idea to switch careers and return to school for three years.  I, however, knew it was a great decision; watching him light-up when he talked about the work he could do and the difference he can make, made me realize this dream was something we would have to make a reality.  Now, he is his last semester of classes with only field work remaining, and he is the (overall) happiest I have ever seen him (only second to our wedding day).

With someone like him in my life (someone willing to make major life changes), how can I not be inspired to attempt reaching for my goals or be willing to take a leap of faith.  I think we have a near perfect relationship, each of us supporting the other in their dreams, which allows both of us to lead fulfilling lives.

I would argue, before I met Jay I was not as willing to take a chance on a long shot.  But now seeing both of us succeeding at those long shot dreams, now I only see opportunity where I once saw obstacles.  The worst case scenario is I fail, but I know he will there to support me as we work towards our future.

The next A to Z Challenge (catch up) Post is about Kindness


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