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Inspiration comes in so many different shapes and sizes.  What serves as inspiration for one may do nothing for another.

As spring weather is starting to roll around, I have decided I am fueled by sunshine and blue skies, with a side of beautiful landscapes, birds, and flowers.  During the drab Indiana winters, I go into a state of hibernation.  I become unmotivated and my creativity goes into a dormant state, but as spring arrives filled with birdsong, budding trees, and nice weather, my creativity comes out of hiding and is ready to play.

Music also holds a special role in inspiration to me.  Lately, certain songs strike a feeling that I can best describe as a tug of a story wanting to be written.  I keep listening to those songs that produce that distinctive tug, but I have yet to find the story hiding.  One song in particular that I feel I should write a story about is Simon and Garfunkel’s Sparrow.  One day I will find that story that is tugging at my consciousness.

Lately, though, the most inspiration I have felt is from fellow writer Z.R. Southcombe.  Zee is from the beautiful Middle Earth (New Zealand).  We “met” a few years back on one of the social media sites.  I was instantly drawn to her upbeat can do attitude.  She always seems to be up for a new adventure.  I have learned many lessons from her and adapted several of her ideas for my own.  She has inspired me to think outside the box when it comes creating and has allowed me to be more open with my creativity.  Zee is one of my closest friends, even though we have never met in person, and I consider her family.  It’s amazing how close of a bond you can build with a person you’ve never met.  But go check out her children’s stories that are a perfect easy read for everyone.  They contain issues relevant for adults as well as children.

Zee was my inspiration to start my magazine project.  She has also graciously accepted the role of being co-editor with me on this adventure.  At this time, we in the trial and error phase of this project, but eventually it will grow into a quarterly magazine.  As such, we are continuously accepting submissions from writers (email them to staleybooks@gmail.com) to develop upcoming issues.  We are looking for articles on personal journeys, publishing, cover art, short stories, poetry, black and white art and photography.  Essentially, anything a writer or reader would want to read about in a magazine.  No age limits, we don’t care if you are 8 or 80, we want to hear your stories.  What started out as an idea of two small Zines printed at home, has blossomed into a dual purpose magazine titled The Coffeehouse, that will be published through a printing service to give it a professional look.  Look for even more information on the “Z” post.

Join me for the next A to Z Challenge post featuring my husband Jamison.




4 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. I have caught up with your A to Z blogs, Amanda, and I have to say that everything you have said so far is spot-on and an inspiration in and of itself. I’m looking forward to the rest of the alphabet! 🙂

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