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H is for Happiness

 Still behind….

Originally, I was going to post about honesty.  If you have followed this blog long or have read some of my older posts you realize, I am nothing but honest.  While I stay relatively positive and upbeat, I will tell it like it is.  This holds especially true about my writing process.  So many people only post about their troubles or successes.  I wanted to paint a realistic view of what it is like for me to be a writer, so I post the good, bad, and indifferent.  When there is a long break between posts, it typically means I have nothing to write about… mainly because I haven’t spent anytime being creative.

But last week, I decided to change the topic of my post to happiness.  Many of us are on a journey, of sorts, to find the elusive construct of happiness.  We look outside of us and within ourselves, sometimes we find it, but for me it seems to be a temporary high.  My journey, inwards, is a quest to make happiness more permanent.  Generally, I consider myself a happy person, but I feel there is more, a sort of connectedness that I am missing.  So, I search.

Writing these posts, has made me realize how much of my journey I have neglected and how far I have strayed from a path I set off on several years ago.  And it’s not all been bad, actually most of it has been great, but I am not going in the direction I want.  Essentially, I have taken a slight detour.  These next few months, when I have more time to spare, I am going to focus more time on my journey to embrace happiness as my lifestyle.

Happiness is something different for all of us, but for me I have found balance seems to be the key.  Balance has been a theme for me over the past few years, and so far I have not mastered it, heck, I have barely even learned the concepts of how to it works.  I have, however, learned regular exercise, writing, and spending time in nature have given me a brief glance into a life with balance.

So, over the next few weeks, I will be getting back into regular habits of self-care that will include taking at least one day a week to devote to doing things that I love and enjoy.




I am a writer currently working on her first series featuring Malcolm Stone. I also dabble in photography cooking and enjoying life. Synopsis of Dissonance (Book I in the series): Malcolm is youngest son of Preston Stone, the largest liquor importer on the east coast since the prohibition. His family’s affluence has afforded him the opportunity to follow his passion of being a pianist. He married a successful local artist Anabelle Connolly. They appeared to have the perfect life, but it had turned sour. After Anabelle’s death, the truth of their marriage can no longer be hidden. Years of Malcolm’s carefully constructed lies start unraveling at his feet. Will he be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life? Dissonance explores and exposes a violent relationship, infidelity, substance abuse, depression, and lies.

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