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F is for Flowers

I had been focusing on writing, and if you couldn’t tell based on my posts I am a bit frustrated with my progress or lack there of.  So today, I am drifting away from writing and focusing on one of the little things that I enjoy.

Flowers. If you have followed my journey for long or perused through my posts or social media, you will find several photos of flowers.  Flowers are one of the reasons spring and summer are my favorite seasons (other reasons are warm breezes, birds and birdsong, and warmer weather of course!).

I enjoy taking nature walks and photos.  I have even been known to pull off the side of a busy road (on more than one occasion) for the sole purpose of snapping a photo, typically of some pretty flower or an amazing landscape.

For the first three years of living at my rental, I had an beautiful wildflower garden.  It was wonderful the wildlife it pulled into the yard.  We had rabbits, an excess of hummingbirds, butterflies, and song birds (it also brought in snakes, but we aren’t talking about those). Almost daily, I would go out and enjoy the flowers and take new photos.  The wildflower garden is something I plan to resurrect this year, along with planting other flowers around the house.  It’s something about the delicate nature of a flower along with a beautiful aroma that makes my heart sing.

So, later in the spring and summer look for photos of flowers posted on my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram from my many visits to gardens, parks, and anywhere else a beautiful flower pops up.  The world is much too serious and sometimes it just takes a picture of flower to make me smile.

Join me for tomorrow’s A to Z Challenge post about Gratitude and Gratefulness



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