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The 4th letter of the alphabet is for Drafts

First drafts… they are just marvelous aren’t they….  I mean new ideas on a fresh page.  Yeah, I’m being a bit facetious.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing and I like getting my ideas down on paper, but truth be told first drafts kind of suck.  Not suck as in the quality of the work, suck as in it’s tedious at times.

I love a new project and the first draft for the first quarter of it.  But then the plot gets all sticky and I have some sort of mess that I have to figure out what the hell is going on and how I’m going to portray what I want the reader to experience. Gah, what a headache! 😉

My problem with first drafts is I want it done right the first time.  I’m definitely not of the camp of get something down and go back and revise it later.  I am a write it to the best of my ability now and then make it even better, kind of gal.

Right, now Reverie is in the tedious stage.  I have been writing this book relatively in chronological order, which is probably why it’s giving me fits.  I typically jump around and piece mail it all back together later.  For some odd reason, I haven’t been following my typical method with this book.  I will probably have to correct that issue once I get back into writing.

My favorite part about writing is going back through my first draft and fixing and adjusting plot lines, which I do as I write.  I don’t see the need to finish a draft before I start adjusting the plot line.  I figure if the book is not done yet, it’s better to make the changes now as I don’t have to amend the entire book.  So for me my favorite drafts are second, third, and fourth drafts, but not fifth drafts… that’s just crazy!

Even though first drafts aren’t my favorite and they are tedious at times I still love drafting, yes even those horrid first drafts!

*I changed the post title due to Twitter’s silly shortcuts that does not allow a post to contain the letter D by itself.  Apparently, a brilliant individual decided shortcuts were a good idea with D being the short cut for a direct message to a user.*

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15 thoughts on “The 4th letter of the alphabet is for Drafts”

  1. I’m the type of person who wants first drafts to be the best. I agonize over every word, every detail because I want it to be the best and not worry about having to make drastic changes. But as tedious as it is, it is a good thing that first drafts are designed the way they are. There would be no need for improvement if every first draft was the best.

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  2. That’s funny… it’s about a quarter of the way in that I realise I’m in a sticky plot mess. Must be a thing :p

    For my first book, it was about getting it done, no matter what state it was in. But that was more a confidence thing than anything else. Now I’m in your camp – the words need to be decent at least. I don’t want to spend time writing 1000s of words that are just going to be cut later. I want something good to work with when it comes to editing! (And now that I’m at the editing phase, I’m grateful for that methodology lol).

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  3. Now… I LOVE drafting. It’s actually about three quarters the way through that I start panicking as I’m trying my best to tie up threads, and give justice to the ending. This is usaully where I’m wondering if the book is actually good enough…. I do sometimes go through middle book blues when Im drafting – but not that often any more. That’s the part where every word I write is rubbish, but I just need to keep referring back to my plot notes, and somehow keep moving the story forward.

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    1. I think the main reason I am so frustrated with drafting right now, is the story is going in an odd direction and my motivation to write has been essentially zero, coupled with my super busy schedule.. and I don’t even have kids yet! Next month is time to get everything back in order and work on me and writing.


  4. Amanda, you’re a writer after my own heart. The way you’re attacking Reverie is exactly the way I approach my projects. Until reading this, I’m embarrassed to say, I was feeling I was doing it all wrong, yet I can’t bring myself to do this any other way. Sure, I’ve read the countless posts saying there is no wrong way to work a writing project. The problem has been that I haven’t taken those articles as seriously as I should, and have, instead, been subscribing to the posts telling me to do my projects everyone else’s ways. Extreme lack of self-confidence, right? This post has given me the boost I’ve been looking for to do it all my own way.

    Thank you! 🙂 ❤

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