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C is for Creativity

Creativity is a must have skill for any writer, artist, musician, etc.  Lucky for us, it is skill we all have, we just have to exercise it into shape. Right now my creative muscle is about as flexible as my hamstrings.  Which is not that great, I’d be lucky to be able to touch my toes without bending my knees!  I have three more weeks of class before a much needed break from the overworked analytical part of my brain.

During my time off, my main goal is to stretch my creative side.  I have not been in the right frame of mind to write lately.  All creativity has been zapped from my mind.  This is due to feeling overworked and not having substantial free time that I am not worrying about something being due or needing cleaned.  So starting on April 26th (my first class free day), I will be cleaning my house from top to bottom to get that worry out of the way so I can focus on Reverie starting in May.

It’s crazy to think that I have a plan (though lose plans at that) to bring my creativity back to the forefront of my mind.  After my house is organized and in order, I plan to start taking daily walks or hitting the gym directly after work.  The weather should be starting to get warm and I long for some outside time.  I am hoping the walks and/or gym time will allow me to decompress and leave my office life behind, so I can fully enjoy my free time.

Included in my finding my creativity (which is wandering around like a lost soul somewhere), will be painting, attempting to draw, coloring, and story prompts.  Which I plan to share as I do them.  At this point I am thinking one creative project a week (unless I really am enjoying it, then multiples).  If it’s drawing, painting, or coloring I’ll take a picture and share it here and social media and if it’s writing, I’ll post the unedited rough versions for you to read.  I’m going to treat this much like going back to the gym after a long break; slow and steady will win the race, I don’t want to burn out.

The end result of my break is to finish writing the draft of Reverie and hopefully get plenty of ideas for the set of books.  It’s time to take creativity serious and exercise it like I should my body 🙂

Join me tomorrow for the next A to Z Challenge post about Drafts


3 thoughts on “C is for Creativity”

  1. I do agree that being organized frees up creativity, because anxiety clamps down on any creative thought trying to make its presence known!

    I like that you have a plan to get creativity back! You are inspiring me to do the same.

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  2. I think all of us struggle with creativity. I know I do. The methods you mentioned to flex those creative muscles are good ones. I’ve been meaning to start walking around my block in the morning. Obviously, to help get in shape, but also to exercise my brain. And I like the idea of story prompts. I may have to try those out. Maybe I can gain ideas for a novel. We’ll see. Thanks for posting.

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