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B is for Believe

I’m running a day late on this one.  I guess my brain had a malfunction and I forgot I needed to post yesterday!

Believe in yourself, your writing, and talent. Self-confidence runs hand in hand with courage.  Being an extrovert, one would think self-confidence is a given, but trust me it’s most definitely not.  I second guess myself constantly.  It was not until recently, specifically after publishing my first book, that I really began to believe in myself as a writer.

Writing is different than just being a self-confident person.  On a typical day, I’m a confident, strong (sometimes bossy) person, but when it came to writing, I was scared and nervous.  Writing is scary.  We spend countless hours on a project pouring our hearts and souls onto a page, then sending that work out into the world for praise and criticism.  It’s scary… but so liberating.

After publishing Dissonance and receiving feedback from readers, things changed.  I don’t worry about what people will think about my writing, I don’t even worry about that first bad review (because I know one will appear eventually).  I know I have fans and I believe in my own talent. I have come to enjoy sending my work out to let people read.

That’s not to say once I get back to writing Reverie that I won’t be scared shit-less to hand it off to beta readers or publish it.  Because I guarantee I will frightened and worried that book two will not live up to everyone’s expectations, but that’s a worry for another day.  The draft has to be completed first. 🙂

Look for tomorrow’s A to Z Challenge post – Creativity





6 thoughts on “B is for Believe”

  1. Gosh, you’re so right Amanda! Very timely post for me! Believing in one’s self is really damn important. If you don’t – you’re only failing yourself, no one else. Im really in a state of flux myself at the moment over this one. Last week I was damn convinced that I was the shittiest writer in the world. Then I printed out my current WIP, read it – now Im okay with the world again. It’s not as rubbish as I had led myself to believe it was over the last four months. Thank goodness.

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    1. I think we all go through phases like that. Sometimes I think I am so awesome and other times I feel like I am a complete hack at life (not just writing). At times I feel like I’m just wearing a facade that someone is eventually going to find out that I’m a fraud!

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  2. There are times when I don’t “believe” I’m cut out to be a writer. It’s a constant struggle to tell myself otherwise. I think it’s because I don’t have anything worth publishing. Or, I don’t have ideas that could be turned into full-fledged books. I don’t know.

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    1. I think you are probably being to hard on yourself. Start out by sharing some of those half-cocked ideas with your followers. Sometimes the feedback and excitement will be exactly what you need to move forward with the project.

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      1. I guess I am. I look at people I follow and those who follow me. I read their bios and they “brag” about books that are coming and that have been published. I read their blogs and websites and am amazed at what they write. I get so jealous of their accomplishments. I feel like I’ll never measure up to them.

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      2. I used to do that too. But then I learned to stop comparing myself to them. It took me over 8 years to get a book published. I learned a lot during that time and one of the most important wad we are all on our own journeys and we take different paths to reach the same destination. Keep practicing and keep writing. Eventually you will get to the point where you are comfortable with your style 🙂

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