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A is for Accountability


Deciding to be an author, especially an independently published author, comes with a certain level of responsibility.  Probably one of the most important aspects is accountability.  This is an concept I struggle with in my writing life.  Not so much at my day job.  Someone asks me to do something or I say I’m going to do it by such and such date, consider it done (well unless of course the request gets superseded by a more important request).

With writing it’s different, I have no “boss”.  The only person that will hold me accountable for my schedule is me (and now my readers).   Those of your who followed me through my journey of publishing Dissonance know exactly what I’m talking about.  I had so many deadlines that I watched zip by.  However, that never happens at work or with my masters level coursework, those items are always turned in on time no matter how much work it takes.  So why is it different with writing?

I like to blame it on time management, I know I waste a lot of time at home. But I don’t think that’s really the main issue going on.  I think my issues with accountability (deadlines, blogging schedules, etc., etc., etc.) boil down to confidence.  At my job, I have experience, and lots of it.  With writing, this is a whole new adventure, especially publishing.  At times, I don’t keep up with my blogging schedule because I lack experience: I don’t know what to blog about, I haven’t done anything new, or I just don’t think I am an authority on the matter.  The same goes for writing, I don’t always feel like writing.  Why because I’m inexperienced:  I haven’t figured out the balance between work, home responsibilities, me time, and writing time or I don’t know what should happen next or I’m not sure how I want to write the next scene.  These are things that will smooth out with experience, but in order to get the experience I must write and blog.

Since publishing Dissonance, my confidence as a writer is starting to grow.  I have heard wonderful things about the book from friends, family, and friends of friends whom I have never met.  So, when my time frees up a bit (read in about 3 weeks), I will be accountable with my writing schedule.  After all, I have a brand to build, readers to find, and books to sell.

(And yes I realize the irony that I’m writing about accountability, it’s already half way through the first day of the A to Z Challenge, and I am just now getting a post up)

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14 thoughts on “A is for Accountability”

  1. You’re definitely not alone, Amanda. Being accountable when you’re the one in charge definitely has its challenges. The important thing is to learn about our mistakes and not to give up when we fail.

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  2. I struggle with this as well. I’ve mentioned in my blog on many occasions, stories I want to post, but have yet to do so. I keep telling people I’m going to write a novel, but have yet to do so. I chalk a lot of it to inexperience and fear. I’m afraid no one will like my work.

    But the key to accountability is finding balance. And sometimes, we need to seek out people who will hold us accountable to what we want and/or need to do. I know I need people to hold me accountable when I say I’m going to write.

    It’s good you’re gaining confidence as a writer. Having a book certainly helps with that. Best of luck in your future projects.

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    1. I used to be that way too. My advice (and I’m not keen on giving it) is jump in head first. Post one of your favorites, you will be surprised at how much people like it. And even the ones that don’t may even provide valuable feedback on how to make it even better. Most importantly, remember you can’t please everyone and sharing your work helps you improve it. Best of luck with your writing!


  3. Accountability, confidence, and procrastination. Three of my bugbears. It’s good know it’s not just me that suffers from them! I’m working just three or four days ahead of schedule. Full of admiration for your organisation. Maybe next year I’ll have nailed it.


    1. Thanks! I had hoped to working ahead this year, but as of the moment I still haven’t written my B post and I still have several letters with no topics. Thank goodness for weekends. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up and get ahead as planned.

      As for your three bugbears, I think we all have those, but only a few of us actually admit to it 😉


    1. I can’t even imagine how rough it is on you. You have such a resilient spirit. 🙂 I am looking forward to having a bit more free time soon and hopefully motivation will accompany it.


  4. Oh dear, I’m afraid I also know just what you mean. I’ve gotten better with my writing schedule, as far as my novel writing goes, because I’ve become more confident with that, as you suggested you will too, with experience. But I’m afraid I have neglected my blog and my marketing lately. And for the sort of reasons you talk about here, Amanda.
    Sigh! Ah, well, I can only try to do better from here on in, eh?

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