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2016 A to Z Challenge

It’s nearly time for another round of the A to Z Challenge.  For those of your who aren’t familiar the A to Z Challenge, it is an April blogging challenge to blog every weekday (no weekend posts – though, I will probably be using that time to post writing updates) with topics starting with every letter of the alphabet.  You can find last year’s posts here.

Last year, I mainly focused on writing and publishing Dissonance.  This year, I decided I would, in the spirit of my blog, write about my writing progress/process (as usual) and throw in posts about self-discovery, meditation, and other types of inspiration I have found to finding and leading the fulfilling life I want to have.

I realize I am posting about this a little early.  I mean it is a month away, but I am already working on my list of topics.  With school, work, writing, and balancing home responsibilities in with everything else, I am trying to write the posts ahead of time.  My goal for March is to complete all 26 posts and have them scheduled to post on the appropriate day so I have more time to read other blogs, respond to comments, and enjoy the long awaited springtime.


Reverie writing update:  I haven’t written much lately.  I am in a bit of a slump, but I am hoping the warming weather and outdoor time that accompanies it, along with an upcoming vacation will help.  I’ll keep you updated, as I know several of you are eagerly awaiting the sequel. 



I am a writer currently working on her first series featuring Malcolm Stone. I also dabble in photography cooking and enjoying life. Synopsis of Dissonance (Book I in the series): Malcolm is youngest son of Preston Stone, the largest liquor importer on the east coast since the prohibition. His family’s affluence has afforded him the opportunity to follow his passion of being a pianist. He married a successful local artist Anabelle Connolly. They appeared to have the perfect life, but it had turned sour. After Anabelle’s death, the truth of their marriage can no longer be hidden. Years of Malcolm’s carefully constructed lies start unraveling at his feet. Will he be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life? Dissonance explores and exposes a violent relationship, infidelity, substance abuse, depression, and lies.

6 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge

  1. The only thing that got me through this challenge last year was writing up a list of topics and scheduling them in advance. Good luck – I am looking forward to reading your posts. I haven’t decided whether I will do the challenge this year yet.

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  2. It’s supposed to be fun, not something to add stress. I do better with deadlines, for sure, and I do write and schedule my posts ahead of time. I find it adds consistency and eliminates repetition.

    Good luck!

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