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What’s next?

It’s only the middle of February and I’m already ticking items off the goal list.  I have published Dissonance and put a call out for contributors for the Zines.  So you might ask what is next?

Writing is only half the battle of having a book published.  While I am not writing Dissonance anymore, I am still working very hard trying to find readership for my first book.  I have been overwhelmed by the support of family and friends who have purchased my book.  I find it interesting that I am selling more paperback copies than eBooks, but I figure that is a trend that will eventually change.  After my friends and family have a chance to tell me what they ultimately thought of the book, I’ll be seeking out book reviewers and bloggers to help spread the word.  Though, I know the best way to get readership is ultimately publishing more books.wp-1455728823060.jpg

So that leads me to, what is next…

I am currently drafting, rather redrafting, Reverie.  If you recall, I finished the draft of Reverie two (maybe three) years ago, but decided to throw it out, and essentially start over.  I have the whole story plotted and have written an abbreviated outline of the highlights that need (or should depending on where the characters take me) to happen.

Last night while writing, I realized I was bored with the scene I was writing and knew right then, those scenes would be cut during one of the many revision stages this book will have.  Before going to bed , I decided I would just add a note about what I was planning to write and move on.  Hopefully, that will start moving the story forward again.  I have a few upcoming scenes that I look forward to writing and assuming I have time to write this evening (I have homework due this evening) I will start with one of those scenes.

I had forgotten how difficult writing the first draft can be.  It has been a while since I have had a “fresh” story line to work with.  Many people feel first drafts are for just getting words down on the page, but personally, I don’t see the point of putting words on the page that I know I am going to delete later.  So, instead I am going to write until I realize I am getting bored or the story has stopped progress, then I will write a little note and skip ahead.  I’d much rather have to fill in the blanks and fit the story together like a puzzle, then have to delete thousands of unneeded words, words that will send the story careening down a dead end road.

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy writing this draft and sending copies of Dissonance to their new homes!



4 thoughts on “What’s next?”

  1. I really love drafting… and letting the words flow from my fingertips. It releases a bunch of amazing endorphins into my bloodstream, and I feel high. I guess that’s a sign of a true creative. I really can’t wait to finish the book I’m currently drafting, but the mishaps and disruptions in my life this year so far hasn’t allowed me to get there just yet.
    I’m so please you’re focusing on the next book – that’s very exciting! Even moreso, I’m looking forward to exploring new cover options with you. I agree with you piecing it back together again when you finish. I hope you’re well!

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    1. You are 100% right drafting is great! Sometimes I get frustrated, but most of the time I absolutely love the process. I look forward to seeing your next book a well! Though, I need to make time for fiction reading. I started Venice Nights, but I haven’t gotten back to it yet. Darned school work and horrific time management on my part!

      My heart goes out to you with everything you are going through. I’ve thought about you more than once in the past couple weeks. I’m here for you if you need me ❤


  2. I would think drafting a second book after publishing the first would feel seemingly different from the drafting of that first book. I imagine the confidence level is higher and some of the strategies for the process are more secure. Still, I can’t vision it being so much easier that the sweat of blood while typing/writing is alleviated. I should employ your idea of making notes when the project gets bogged down and just move on to the next scene. Yes, filling in gaps does sound more plausible and not a mind-recking as plodding through the trenches of boredom.

    I do have a suggestion for promoting Dissonance. Here it is: Sometimes, but not too often, put it out there somehow on your personal stream for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. My thought is that people do cruise through the media sites but aren’t necessarily looking for anything in particular except friendship. Having promotions on pages at these sites does help but only for avid readers. There’s still those casual one to influence and I would think they’d be the ones floating through these sites looking for comradeship.. (Just an idea, mind you.)

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  3. Hi Amanda. I’m delighted to hear you are getting on with your second book. They do say, the more books you have published, the easier it is to promote, and I think that’s true. So keep going, girl. Well done.
    I love first drafts, find them the easiest bit of the process, and I love when, during one of the interminable redrafts, I find a bit that needs rewriting or a new bit that needs written to insert into the story. Then, whoop! whoop! it’s like that lovely first draft again.
    All the best with Dissonance. I’ve bought it and started it. Like others authors, I’m afraid reading time is at a premium when at certain stages of the writing process, so it might be while till I get your book finished, but I’m loving it so far. Another well done to you 🙂

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