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Zine Time – Call for contributors

As a part of my 2016 goals, I stated I was going to develop, edit, and distribute two zines. A few of you are asking, what is a zine? A zine (pronounced z-e-e-n) is a small circulation independently published magazine (Think old school communist magazines; you know copied and stapled together). To start they will be a standard 8.5 X 11” paper folded in half bound by staples. I got the inspiration from ZR Southcombe’s Wo(man)power zine. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but I wasn’t sure what I would do to fill the inside pages.

After a lot of brainstorming and essentially winging it, I put together a list of ideas that I thought would be fun to include in the first zine. After some discussion, Zee and I decided it would be best to split the ideas into two separate zines; one that focuses on subjects that writers might enjoy and one specifically for readers.

I am looking for people to contribute articles for each of the zines. At this time I can’t afford to pay for articles, but I will happily mail a free copy of the printed zine to you. I will have the copies for anyone else to purchase on my website for approximately printing and shipping costs. If (and hopefully when) the zines become popular and gain a regular readership, then I will revisit pricing and payment for articles. I will also invest in a thermal binding machine to give the magazine a more professional look and feel.

Taking on going submissions.  The Coffeehouse will be published on a quarterly basis.  The first print will occur once we have enough submissions.

Writers’ Coffeehouse (in honor of the members of the community I run on Google+) will be a zine focusing on the writer. I am looking for articles that would be of interest to writers or the budding writer.

Taking Submissions for:

  • Personal essays or articles on your journey as writer, plotting, marketing, querying, inspiration, and other similar articles that writers want to know more about
  • Tips and Tricks (such as marketing ideas, formatting, distribution, etc.)
  • Articles from editors
  • Interviews with authors
  • Sticky situations when writing or writer problems (writers block and how you work through it, copyrights, discovering your book has been pirated, finding the right editor, cover art, work-life balance, etc.)
  • Any other topics you think a writer would be interested in reading

If you are interested in contributing to the Writers’ Coffeehouse please email your article (or share through google drive) along with a contributor bio including web-address and photo (if you’d like) to staleybooks@gmail.com with the subject of Writers’ Coffeehouse Zine. 

Readers’ Coffeehouse is geared towards readers. This is where you can stretch your creative muscles.

Taking submissions for:

  • Short stories
  • Serials
  • Personal essays
  • Author Q & A or interviews (and other types of get to know the writer type articles)
  • Poetry
  • Artwork (zine will be printed in black and white)
  • And other all articles a reader would be interested in knowing

If you are interested in contributing to the Readers’ Coffeehouse please email your article (or share through google drive) along with a contributor bio including web-address and photo (if you’d like) to staleybooks@gmail.com with the subject of Readers’ Coffeehouse Zine. 

All contributors will continue to hold the copyright on all work and will be able and encouraged to print or publish his or her work elsewhere. However, the contributor is granting me special permission to use his or her article in the printing of the zine and subsequent reprinting or anthology issues.  Unless the contributor expressly requests his or her article to be removed.

Both of these zines are new and in experimental stages and I am open to any suggestions. If the article you want to write does not fit into any of these loose categories, feel free to submit it the zine of your choice and I’ll do my best to place it. If we get too many submissions for the first zine, your article will be featured in a subsequent one.


5 thoughts on “Zine Time – Call for contributors”

    1. Glynis right now I have no rules. I’m kind of winging it, so to say. Basically, I want the contributors to have fun with this little venture of mine. I’ll tailor the zine and the format of the article to fit the submissions and “feel” of the zine. Regular manuscript format is fine. Write until you don’t feel like sharing any more. If you are submitting a long short story depending on the length and other submissions, I will either put it in all at once or make is a serial and continue it in a second zine. (At this point I don’t see the need to separate a story.)

      As for what is not acceptable… I’m not really sure at this point in time. Each submission will be judged on a case by case manner, but fairly. At this point in time I can’t imagine what I would reject. I say that, but then one circumstance comes to mind directly. In the manner of short stories… I wouldn’t accept both an erotica and religious story in one zine. This is an issue I hope I don’t have to deal with anyway, but if I do, I have a contingency plan… Zine # 3!

      I am sure anything you write will be wonderful!


      1. Yes, I got your essay. I haven’t gotten a change to read it yet, but my class is winding down and I plan to spend the last week of April going through submissions and getting with Zee on formatting. I think I am actually going to publish the Zine through CreateSpace as large 8×10 book 🙂

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