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Dissonance – Now Available


wpid-wp-1445477953954.jpgIt’s hard to believe one tiny idea blossomed into this book.  The past few months have been frustrating as my deadlines zipped by, and I still had not published, but at the same time I felt an incredible sense of pride of having accomplished as much as I had.

Today, a smile plays on my lips as I can finally say, I am a published author!  Dissonance is finally out there for people to read.  At the moment, it is only available on Amazon.  I am unsure if I will publish to other formats, or if I will just exclusively publish on Amazon and KDP unlimited.

I admit it took much longer than I expected to get this book published.  As I sit back and think over the last few months, I realized I let fear take over and stalled my progress.  I started worrying about what people would think of it and fearing a bad reaction.  As I sit here today thinking about this journey, I realize how silly it was of me to allow imagined circumstances to stand in the way of my dreams.

Now that Dissonance is finally completed, I will start working on other creative projects such as the sequel, Reverie, and the Coffeehouse Zines.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Dissonance, it is available through Amazon and Createspace store.

Kindle Version for $2.99

Paperback $7.50 plus tax and shipping – Amazon

Paperback $7.50 plus tax and shipping – Createspace

Signed paperbacks will be available from me around February 16th.  To reserve your copy email me at staleybooks@gmail.com with the number of copies and who they are to be received by.

  • $7.50 for hand delivered books
  • $10.00 for books shipped within the USA
  • $17.00 for internationally shipped books

For books that need shipped an invoice will emailed and payable through Paypal checkout.

*prices are subject to change



11 thoughts on “Dissonance – Now Available”

    1. It is absolutely amazing the crazy thinks we can convince ourselves of. I look forward to being able to get that wonderful book in your hands! I tell you waiting on my stock is worse than waiting on Christmas morning as a child!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Christine! I’m so excited you bought a copy! Though a tad fearful of your opinion, but that’s all part of the game now 🙂 None the less, I am looking forward to hearing what you think. Now it’s time to start working on the sequel and not dwell on other’s thoughts!


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