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Welcome to 2016

2016, this will be the year of change and accomplishment for me.  I have a lot planned for the year.

This year’s theme is Organization.  I toyed with several other ideas like time management, health, focus, or accountability.  Though, I kept coming back to the idea if I were a bit more organized, I would find time for all of those things.  While it is true, I have less free time than I used to.  I waste a LOT of time.  This year I am making myself accountable while working towards some achievements.  I haven’t started the year off the best with my organization theme, my house needs a deep clean, I have yet to get into a fitness routine, my sleep schedule is a wreck, but the main thing is I am working on it.

I have spent so much time seeking balance, but I think I need integration.  I need to integrate the skills that make me successful at the office into my personal life and writing.  I am making time for the things that matter to me and I’m doing that by prioritizing my tasks.

Some of the big goals I have for the year:

  • Twice weekly blog posts
  • Publish Dissonance (very soon)
  • Finish writing Reverie
  • Develop, edit, and distribute two Zines – details to come soon (I will be looking for contributors)
    • Writers’ Coffeehouse – focus on articles for writers – personal essays, articles on marketing, writing, editing, inspiration,  etc.
    • Readers’ Coffeehouse  – Short stories, Non-Fiction, Personal Essays,  Interviews, Book Reviews, etc.



7 thoughts on “Welcome to 2016”

  1. I know what you mean! I know that if I am more organised, I can get a lot more done and be much further ahead. One idea I’m starting to apply is to consider myself paying my wages – would I pay for me to spend my time the way I am? (answer: sometimes).

    I am looking forward to seeing the results of your improved organisation, to reading your blogs and the zines, and to having more laughs! xx

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  2. Organization seems to be a recurring theme from all the blogs I’ve read. Even my post on resolutions has some organization applications. One resolution I have is to write fifteen minutes a day. For me, that takes planning and sticking to a schedule. We’ll see what comes of it.

    As for your goals this year, they sound doable. I wish you the best of luck.

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