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Making plans

It’s time once again to start planning for the new year.  This year, I am attempting a different method to achieving my goals.  Instead of making a list of everything I want to accomplish for the year all at once.  I am picking a theme or two and work towards making the appropriate change in my lifestyle.  This will including weekly and monthly goals that I will keep you up-to-date on.  I haven’t sat down to brainstorm out exactly what I want to accomplish, but I can assume the themes will including writing and health / fitness.

I have been looking forward to this week for about a month now.  I am free of obligations.  No work or classes until the 4th.  A full week of “nothing”.  During this week of nothing, I plan on devoting a considerable amount of time towards writing.  I have five goals I would like to see accomplished, along with a little relaxation time.

  1. Write an article for Z.R. Southcombe‘s (wo)manpower zine
  2. Write a guest post for Inger Kenobi titled Beta Readers, Friend or Foe
  3. Work on my 2016 themes and monthly goals / business plans
  4. Write a second blog post for the week
  5. And this one is the big one…. Get the eBook of Dissonance published.

While working on these goals for the week, I will also start preparing for my daily ThinkKit posts, starting January 1st.  Overall, I think 2016 will be a successful, yet busy year for me.


9 thoughts on “Making plans”

  1. Sounds fantastic, Amanda… especially the first and last ones! 😉

    As you can imagine, I’ve been doing similar reflections. My week of nothing is writing and reading, and I’ve pushed my catching up on admin to January. I’ve also done a schedule so I can get on top of social media and blogging in a way that doesn’t take over, but still allows me to enjoy it – and finally get started on that vlog!

    Looking forward to seeing all your projects come to life xx

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    1. I figured I’d spend a little time tomorrow working on my year theme and schedule. I’m really looking forward to breaking out my new calendar and trying to get on track with time management this year. Oh vlog…. that’s something I have considered as well, but probably a goal closer to the middle of the year.

      I guess I forgot to add reading to my list of “nothing” as well. I started on Secrets (I’ve smiled a bit and been a tad sad as you can see the plight some of these kids are going through) and I’ve been read(ing) Leigh K. Hunt’s first two books this week.

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      1. A step at a time, right? It’s nice to take time just to dream about things.

        The plight of children is so often underestimated – which is ridiculous as we’ve all been there before!

        Leigh’s book is in my (huge) reading pile. But hey, I’ve got all summer!

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  2. I like your idea of setting a theme instead a list of projects to complete. It doesn’t strike me as being so cumbersome.

    I’ve thought about subscribing to ThinkKit, but the expectation of having a post to write each day of the week that is based on a prepared topic seems a little too inundating for me. Granted, I write every day, but to have a polished essay-length piece every day in addition to what I do already is just too much, I’m afraid.

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