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Monday thoughts and goals


I have managed to survive another hectic weekend of running around and homework assignments.  The past three weeks have been the same, me claiming I am going to get a head start on the next weeks assignments, but waiting until the last day to really get started on them.  This week I think I have finally gotten a handle on the time commitment of this class.  It’s only Monday evening and I already have my topic for this week’s research paper.  Normally, it’s Wednesday or Thursday before I have decided what I am going to write about.  But enough about school.

This past week, I saw an interesting suggestion on proofreading.  Read your book backwards to forwards.  Reading each line at a time.  It takes the reading aspect out of searching for grammatical errors.  I started working my way backwards through Dissonance and started noting a lot of changes, but quickly decided once again I might be too critical and making changes for the sake of making a change.  If I continue reading this book backwards it will push my release date back even further and I really want this book on the virtual shelves by December 1st.  I think I will hold off on any further editing and proofing, but instead file these suggestions away for Reverie.

Unfortunately, since I haven’t gotten a good handle on my schedule with work, school, and home life I don’t have any further news on the writing front.  I am currently writing chapter 9 in Reverie, hopefully I’ll be adding more to that this week.

So as promised this weeks goals, which are a bit more realistic than the prior ones.


The standard goals of finishing my homework which consists of two half page discussion posts and four responses to peers posts and one four page research paper.  Hopefully finishing everything by Thursday (Saturday at the latest) this week


1 additional blog post

Dedicate two hours to working on Reverie

1 journal entry


Start a workout routine again (even if that means once for the week)

Finish touching the bathroom walls up in order to paint this weekend

Read daily meditation book



7 thoughts on “Monday thoughts and goals”

  1. I think those are really god goals and YES – take that editing hat OFF while drafting!
    Well done you for getting ahead in the assignment game. I honestly don’t believe I could ever go back to school. It would kill me. Give me a book to write any time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The first two classes were not too bad, but this one is absolutely killing me. I don’t know if it’s the impending holidays, winter approaching or what, but I just can’t get into a rhythm. It’s throwing my entire life off right now. I’m grumpy at work and lazy at home… something has to change soon! 🙂


  2. Amanda, when I read Dissonance as a beta reader for you, I really didn’t find anything I’d change. Yes, there were a few grammar errors (and I do mean just a few), but I knew you’d take care of those. There’s still scenes from that book that are fresh in my mind. Amanda, it is ready to publish. Please believe me.


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