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Proof copies, writing, and goals

I received the proof copies of Dissonance the Friday before my birthday, and man do they look wonderful! It is amazing the motivation and overwhelming pride you can get just by seeing your own work in print. I started to read through it to see if I found any errors, but quickly discovered that I was suggesting to make nit picky changes that didn’t really need to happen.  Instead, I am currently sitting back while my hubby reads through the book.  I am shooting for an end of the month release.


While the hubby reads, I should be working on the next book, but I find myself floundering.  I know where the story is going and even have an outline to work off of, but I am just having issues dedicating the time and finding the motivation to write.  School, work, and life have been taking up a ridiculous amount of my time lately.  Though, I suspect the majority of my problems are time management oriented and not lack of time, though I do have less free time than I used to.  So, I have decided to steal a page from Z.R. Southcombe’s and write my weekly goals on the blog in an attempt to keep myself accountable.  This will also make me update the blog at least weekly!  🙂

Writing Goals:

Write two chapters in Reverie

Write one additional blog post

School Goals:

Write two discussion posts and two or three follow up responses

Write at lease a five page research paper on transformational leadership effects on performance

Workout Goals:

Workout at home or the gym three days this week

Squeeze in a little me time


5 thoughts on “Proof copies, writing, and goals”

  1. Could it be that you’re still reveling in the sunshine of finishing Dissonance and that’s what’s hindering going forward with something else? I know that if my book was finished, it would take me a while to settle down enough to get back to the keyboard for another round.

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    1. Hoping I will get better at it. Last week school work took over all goals, but at least I know what a full week is like with this new class.. (hell, that’s what is like. With a few tears if stress shed)


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