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The end is near

As most of you know, this writing journey has taken years for a published book to come to fruition.  Dissonance is very close to publication.

After several missed (self-imposed) deadlines, I have a real tentative publish date set.  I missed my hope of the end of August due to a few minor setbacks and some back-up plans implemented, but in less than four weeks time Dissonance will be a real book.  I’ll do an official update with publication dates and a cover reveal soon (read as in about a week or week and a half).

I just finished my first (of many) eight week graduate class last week.  This week has been the one and only break I get until December 20th.  I am hoping that the next class, that starts on Monday and lasts through Oct 25, I will have a bit more time (or my time management will be better) so that I can finalize this book.  Last night was the first night I actually set down and worked on Dissonance for a considerable amount of time.

Part of my backup plan, was hiring a proofreader, a friend was going to look at it (out of the goodness of their heart), but life, as it sometimes does, ended up getting in the way. I was a bit hesitant about finding a new proofreader for a 68,000 word book, as most proofreaders charge by the word and it gets very pricey to proofread anything longer than a novella.  I decided to take my chances and venture on to and and paid for a sample from proofreader with good reviews and in my price range (a huge plus!).  I spent $15 to have the first five chapters of Dissonance reviewed and proofread.  I was impressed with his quality and the short turnaround time.  I decided to have him proof the rest of the book as well.

Last night, I went through the track changes on the first five chapters, and I have to admit I think it reads a lot better now.  I started out with over 600 changes, mostly punctuation (I am terrible with commas), a few word changes, and added phrasing or phrases moved around.  This evening I will start tackling the 3,352 suggested changes in Chapters 6 – 36.  I haven’t taken all of his suggestions and I have found others as I have been reviewing, but overall I like the changes being made.

While I’m talking about plans for the next few weeks, I am also working on the acknowledgements and about author page for the back of the book.  As soon as I get the adjustments to the actual manuscript completed, I will reveal the amazing cover that Kate over at Dwell Design & Press has created for me.



I am a writer currently working on her first series featuring Malcolm Stone. I also dabble in photography cooking and enjoying life. Synopsis of Dissonance (Book I in the series): Malcolm is youngest son of Preston Stone, the largest liquor importer on the east coast since the prohibition. His family’s affluence has afforded him the opportunity to follow his passion of being a pianist. He married a successful local artist Anabelle Connolly. They appeared to have the perfect life, but it had turned sour. After Anabelle’s death, the truth of their marriage can no longer be hidden. Years of Malcolm’s carefully constructed lies start unraveling at his feet. Will he be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life? Dissonance explores and exposes a violent relationship, infidelity, substance abuse, depression, and lies.

5 thoughts on “The end is near

  1. And you’re going to get all of this done in four weeks AND take a grad. class? Where have you put your window of sleep time? Well, if anyone can do it, it’s you. 😀

    I like the new design of your blog. The blue is easy on the eyes for reading.

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  2. How exciting, Amanda, to be at the proofreading/corrections stage. So close now. What fun!
    I’m looking forward so much to reading Dissonance.
    Well done getting this far and I’m rooting for you to get to the finish line now.


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