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Change in perspective

I have been a bit quiet as of late.  I’m not as active on Twitter, Google+, or even Facebook lately and it’s been absolutely appalling how quiet I’ve been on the blogging front.  Though it’s strange for me to be this quiet, there is no need for alarm.  Progress is continuing on Dissonance which is still with the proofreader and the cover is nearly completed. I have even gotten about 10,000 words into Reverie and so far I am liking this draft much better than the last one.  It’s essentially an entire rewrite of the book sans the few couple chapters.

So you might ask, why am I so silent, especially since I seem to be making great progress on my projects?  Time.  That is the great excuse, and for once I can actually say it’s not entirely due to poor time management skills.  Three weeks ago, I started taking classes for a master’s degree in human resource management.  In these three weeks, I have learned how to be a student again including writing discussion questions, engaging in discussions, writing papers and reading textbooks.  While it has been challenging, I have thoroughly enjoying this class and look forward to proceeding on this career track.  It has taken some getting used to and I can honestly say I am terrible at time management.  (All of my assignments are due this evening at midnight.  I currently have a 500 word paper to write and three 150 word responses to discussion posts due and here I am writing a blog post.  I needed a break and decided I should inform you why I’m so darned quiet.)  So the silence is due to focusing my free time into study instead of writing.  It’s a bit difficult to put my writing on the back burner, but I know it is what I have to do for my future.  I am not saying I’m going to quit writing while taken classes, I’m just stating I won’t have as much time to keep you updated on the progress of my writing.  My hope is to be able to update you once every two week (at minimum) of my progress and issues I’ve faced.

I think I have figured out a schedule to allow me garner a few hours to write a week.  It won’t be nearly as much time as I had been spending towards my writing goals, but I think it’s essential that I spend sometime writing and updating this blog.  This coming week, I probably won’t have much time, if any, as it’s the midway point for my classes, but after that hopefully I’ll be able to devote sometime back to Malcolm Stone’s world.


5 thoughts on “Change in perspective”

    1. As I was telling Jay today it’s amazing the difference between this and undergrad. I feel like I understand this stuff and can apply it to work and I have only had three weeks of class.


    1. It’s definitely putting my management skill to the test. Everything is getting done on time, but on the due date right now. Hoping to adjust that this week. But off to work on Reverie with my half hour of free time before bed!

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