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Carving out a space

A couple of weeks, I took it upon myself to carve out some “me” space.  Back in 2009, when I first started dabbling with writing, I had an at home office.  At the time I had the wonderful opportunity of working from home 3-4 days a week.  While I didn’t always write from my office, I did the majority of the time.

Adding a writing desk had been on my mind for sometime, the problem was I have limited space in my house and a lot of the desks I like were just too big.  Last week, I did some preliminary shopping online in search for that perfect small desk.  I found a few that were small and cheap, but I was afraid they would be cheaply made.  So I bypassed all those desks and decided it was time to go to shopping.  I ended up buying a small student desk with shelves from Target.  Of course I couldn’t get out of the store without buying a super soft shag rug to put my feet on.

After I got the desk put together, I sat down to write.  It was a peaceful and comfortable spot to write.  But as I sat in the uncomfortable kitchen chair staring at the wall, I discovered while the color of the paint is beautiful I hated the boring wall.  So I got up hunted through the house for some photos.  Apparently, staring at a blank wall is not very conducive to writing, so now it’s covered in a photo collage.

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As all projects once my writing space was completed, I needed to accessorize.  I bought new curtains and a pet bed so my ferret can sleep beside me if she desires.  I had originally placed the pet bed on one of the shelves, but I have discovered she only uses it when it’s at my feet.

So far my writing place has seen some writing, but not near as much as I would hope.  On the other hand the desk is being used a lot. Though, I now have an additional obligation that I didn’t have when I set the writing space up, but more on that in the next post.


2 thoughts on “Carving out a space”

  1. Great post Amanda – loved seeing the space and yes, I find you definitely need inspirational things around and comforting things when writing. Maybe another post could include a pic of your pet ferret – you’ve got me really intrigued! Hope you enjoy your new desk. Deborah 🙂

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  2. My desk is smaller than yours and I share the room with my husband. We call is ‘the computer room’. I don’t have anything on the wall above the desk. However, there is a window that sits between my desk and my husband’s desk. Whenever I’m thinking, my head is turned to look out the window — even at night. My oldest cat usually lays behind me on the carpeted floor, with a plastic bag. (She loves to lick plastic. Yes, a weird cat.)


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