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X is for X number of words

*Even though April is over and so is the A to Z Challenge I am going to finish my posts*

Otherwise known as a word count goal.  Plenty of writers sit down to write and have a certain work count goal they would like to hit for the day, week, or month.  They aren’t bound by the number and many I know go over that number daily.  They use it as a guide and goal.  No harm no foul if they don’t make it, and a big hip hip hooray when they crush it.

Personally, I deal in numbers all day long (running department statistics and comparison), so the last thing I want to think about is another number.  I want to shut down that analytical part of my brain, when  sit down to be creative.  It’s not always an easy task, but one thing I have learned over the years is if I take numbers out of the equation it works better.  So when I sit down to write I like to think in terms of scenes.  I don’t worry about how many words it takes to finish the scene, it could be 100 or 2,000, I just have a goal to finish the scene I’m working on.

It sounds like a relatively uncomplicated and easy task to complete, but when that scene is a mere filler scene to get from point a to point b it can take its toll.  I have worked for days on a simple scene just to get to the next fun part.  It may only be a few pages long, but when all I am thinking about is how much I want to write the following scene.  Typically, I can power through the “down time” in the story and revise it during a read through.  Occasionally, on the other hand, I will give up on the “down time” writing and skip ahead for the more exciting scenes.  Which results in me having to puzzle piece my book back together.  With the rewrite of Reverie, I am trying something different.  I wrote a vague story outline from start to finish, hoping to eliminate some of the jumping around while writing.

For me writing in scenes works better and seems much less like “work” and more like play.


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  1. Hi Amanda, I’m popping into as many of the blogs I haven’t yet got to in April. I like the look of your topics and I’ll try to come back and read some more. I hope you’re going to manage the Y and Z too! Shirley Corder from
    Out of Africa – Topics from A to Z

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