The Writer

U is for Unknown

Or rather the fear of the unknown.  I figure there are only a few ways to approach the unknown.  You can be resigned to accept change will happen and adapt accordingly, live in fear of change and avoid it at all cost providing a lackluster, mundane, and tedious life, or you embrace it by looking forward to and creating the changes yourself!

The whole writing journey is an unknown.  I started with an idea and no clue where I was going with it.  I searched through the unknown until I found a story I wanted to tell.  Even though I have a broad understanding what will happen in each book, I am constantly surprised at the twists and turns that happen a long the way. I love being flexible enough to accommodate the changes this creates in the storyline.

Even the act of writing is an unknown.  When I picked up the pen several years ago, I never realized how much writing would transform my life.  Writing gives me an outlet, but it has also allowed me to be myself without judgement.  Through writing I have found a way to explore myself, my wants, desires, fears and dreams.  The transformation in my life is amazing.  I am much more articulate in my day to day life.  Not that I wasn’t always talkative and able to make my point, but now I have subtler ways of persuading someone to see my opinion.  Writing changes everything.

When I publish my first book this year it will be another unknown.  One that I’m a bit worried about.  Will being an unknown author in a sea of other authors matter?  There is only one way to find out.  Look for Dissonance to hit the virtual shelves by August 2015.  We will see if an unknown author will be able to build relationships and make sales.

I love change, though it might be hard, it’s always going to happen.  I might was well be on the right side of it!


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