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P is for Playlist

I am one of those people who sit down to write and music is always playing in the background.  Music has a way to speak to my soul.  It has the key to unlock my creativity.  I was surround by music from a young age, even if I hadn’t always enjoyed the type of music being played (at the time) it was always there.  I find it funny as an adult, I now listen to that music my father played that drove me insane as a teenager.

The music I listen to while writing varies, but it is most always instrumental or ambient music.  I tend to (but not always) stay away from music with lyrics.  It’s hard for me to concentrate on writing when someone is singing in my ears.  Though there is the exception when it comes to lyrics, operas, most of which are sang in a language I don’t understand, so in that instance the voice is just another musical instrument to be enjoyed and felt, not understood.

While writing the Malcolm Stone series, I typically enjoy listening to piano music the best while writing, though I will listen to any classical music.  Occasionally, I’ll even sneak in a little of the “Standards”, Sinatra, Count Basie, and the likes.  I have even on occasion been known to write while listening to the blues (even though they have lyrics). Though I am not sure I get the volume of writing done while listening to jazz and blues as I do with classical (since I start singing along and get side tracked).

I don’t have a playlist that I have created to write to, but I do stream most of my music from Amazon Prime.  Several months ago they released stations on the computer app, but not yet on the mobile one.  I was overjoyed this week when the app on my phone updated. Now, I have access to the stations on my phone, and can play them through my Bluetooth speaker instead of having to use my earphones.  I used to listen to Pandora all the time while writing, but I would get frustrated with the ads and refused to pay for the premium since I couldn’t pick the exact songs I wanted to listen to.  I still use it, but not nearly as often and probably not as much as I used to now that I have Prime stations!

If you listen to music, what do you typically listen to when writing?


9 thoughts on “P is for Playlist”

  1. I try to avoid music with lyrics when writing, though sometimes I listen to some of my favorite metal bands, like Nightwish, Within Temptation or Krypteria. I favor movie, TV or video game soundtracks. I did a lot of writing on Mass Effect soundtrack these past monhs.

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    1. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of writing to the sound of game playing like Dark Souls 1 & 2, Skyrim and Oblivion, and right now Bloodborne, mainly cause my husband it playing while I’m writing. It works for us though 😉

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  2. That’s really interesting … I can listen to music while painting but when it comes to writing – other than the sound of birds around me and the general household bustle, I CAN NOT have any music playing as I find it really distracting – although I LOVE music and am a singer. In saying that, when I hear the shower (i.e. rainfall sound) I do get a lot of inspiration and lines come flooding in, so maybe I should try soft rainfall sounds while writing :-).

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    1. That’s interesting! I love the natural sounds too. I enjoy writing outside so typically there is a chorus of birds chirping and squirrels chattering. As for rain (it’s raining here today), all I want to do it sleep. I had said on twitter today that I would love to be one of those writers that is inspired by rain, but it’s only inspiring me to nap.

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  3. I have to have music while writing, too. But, most of what I do listen to has lyrics. The playlist for my Flames series does have some instrumental tracks on it, mostly from the Backdraft soundtrack. Otherwise, I listen to just about anything that fits the story. Other than classical and rap. If I don’t have the music on, my mind tends to wander a lot. It seems to distract that part of my mind, so the rest of it can concentrate on the story.

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