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J is for J.C. Hart

J.C. Hart author of In The Spirit: A Kotahi Bay Novella and Burn (Maiden, Mother, Crone Book 1). She writes speculative fiction.  She is also one of many examples of fantastic independently published writers, one that makes me proud to be joining the ranks of self-publishing.

Cassie released her first novella in December 2014, In The Spirit.  I purchased the book on my lunch break and finished it that evening.  I fell in love with her talent of spinning a tale and her character development.  The only disappointment was the book ended, though that was quickly relieved when I was told there were a series of books set in the Kotahi Bay.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series that should be available in the coming months.

In February, Cassie quietly released her second novella, Burn.  Burn was set in an entirely different world.  Which put me in awe of Cassie’s talent (even more than I was already).  Though I look forward to reading more Kotahi Bay stories, my real anticipation lies in waiting for the next Maiden, Mother, Crone book.  Burn was beautifully written.  A grieving mother running away with her son’s corpse to fulfill his dying wishes.  You follow her struggles trying to come to terms with her past all while taking care of her young grandson in the wilds.  Cassie creates such a strong character while still being able to portray the weakness she has hidden inside the tough exterior.  I would recommend Burn to anyone, even if you don’t typically read speculative fiction.  Burn is one of the best books I have read in a long time.

Cassie is a talented writer, editor, and a fantastic person.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of her, not only is she insanely talented and creative, but she gets to call New Zealand her home.  I am lucky to have met her and call her a friend.

Cassie can be found online at:

J.C. Hart

@JCHart on twitter


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