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H is for Human Condition

Every writer seems to have something they typically write; be it a genre, a character, a theme, etc.  Something that ties their work together and just screams their name.  Which is probably why some writers write under multiple pen names, one for each voice they have created over the years.

I discovered my theme in writing early on.   Every draft, plot outline, idea in my head seems to have one common theme:  The human condition.  Within each story, no matter the genre, they all contain elements of exploration of humanity and raw emotion.  I enjoy dumping a character in an unfavorable environment or set of circumstances and watching them squirm.  For me it’s fascinating to develop a character that has to go through life changes, success, and failures.  I like to see how the character reacts to everything good, bad, or ugly.  Sometimes the character surprises me and does something that I wasn’t sure they were capable of adding new depth to their personality.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s all a trial and error system.

It doesn’t surprise me that the human condition and emotion is the overall theme to my writing.  It is probably no coincidence that I also studied psychology and criminal justice in college and even from a young age was intrigued by exploration of humanity.  When I started writing the Malcolm Stone series, I was going through some of my own life changes.  I was trying to practice living in the moment and trying to fit into my surroundings.   So, it only seems natural that it would take shape within my writing.

Have you noticed an overall theme in your writing?


3 thoughts on “H is for Human Condition”

  1. Now that you mention it, something similar to yours. I’m always interested in how, why and when people do what they do, not just the WHAT they do. Motivation intrigues me, intention too. I spent ten years at a Tibetan Buddhist center trying to figure out the mind, so whatever I’m writing, or interested in writing about, the mind takes center stage. Thank you for yet another insightful post!

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