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F is for Family

It’s time to meet the Stone family.  Malcolm has a strained relationship with his family.

David Stone is eldest Stone sibling and assumed the role of the family patriarch when their parents passed away. He graduated from Harvard business college, just as his father had. He runs the family with an iron fist. He feels cheated that Malcolm was always their father’s favorite.

Olivia Stone is a corporate business lawyer. She likes to baby and boss her younger brother around. She lives at the estate with David. She bosses Malcolm around while simultaneously babying him. She feels that she had to pick up his place in their father’s dream, when Malcolm ran off to Europe to study music.

Preston and Matilda Stone were the Stone sibling’s parents. The two died in a car accident when Malcolm was sixteen years old. Preston Stone was a successful businessman that built a name for himself. He built the upon the legacy his own father left him. He was married to Matilda Stone. She was a renowned cellist and taught Malcolm his love of music.


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